Buffalo, NY – One of Western New York’s most promising startups has secured its third round of local funding, along with being selected for one of the world’s largest industrial tradeshows, IMTS.

Vader is now capitalized to build a full size production model of their Mk 1 Liquid Metal 3D Printing machine. The Mk 1 will be the first machine worldwide capable of printing liquid metal and will utilize Vader’s patent-pending MagnetoJet technology. The Mk 1 will be on display, printing 3D parts, at IMTS in Chicago this September. The announcement has caused a wave of interest from around the world.

IMTS became aware of Vader through an RIT professor and elected to move the company into the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion – reserved for the most cutting edge technologies in the industrial manufacturing arena. “Attending IMTS in the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion is an honor and a tremendous opportunity for our company,” said Scott Vader, Co-Founder and CEO.
Vader has committed most of its initial run of 20 machines that they are labeling the “Mk 1 Experimental.”  It is the intention of the company to complete the 20 reservations of the Mk1 Experimental at IMTS. 

The company now has six full time employees and continues to grow rapidly.
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