The only event of its kind, the Distribution Summit 2017 (D17) promises to enhance your business strategy with inspiration and insight from six extraordinary leaders: three industry experts, two sales and marketing specialists, and one incredible motivational speaker who has an astonishing story to tell. 

D17 opens September 13 with a networking lunch followed by the energetic, nationally-recognized speaker Bill Graham. In Likability and How It Pertains to Success in Sales, Bill shows you how to find your story and use it to say the right thing and find your “Wow!”message. Bill delivers concepts and tools that will help you and your team grow as leaders who inspire, motivate and get results.

While Bill lays out how to say the right thing, Joe Thomas shares tactics on how to write the right thing in How to Focus on Customer Needs and Write Emails that Don’t Get Ignored. As the former mentee of Stephen R. Covey and the former Director of The Center for Conflict Resolution at FranklinCovey, Joe understands the daily challenges sales professionals face. He’ll break down the sales approach and leave you with ways to zero in on your customer’s needs. 

AMT member Ralph Hegman, former owner of Hegman Machinery, past Chairman of the AMTDA, and current facilitator of AMT’s Leadership Forums will host a panel of builders and distributors discussing the ownership of data and how it can be used to better serve their mutual customers.

David Burns, Principal and Founder of Global Business Advisory Services, will discuss the companies and products that are most successful in additive manufacturing. Laurie Harbour, President and CEO of Harbour Results, will give her forecast for key industries that utilize manufacturing technology.

D17 concludes with author and inspirational speaker John O’Leary, who will rejuvenate your drive for success with Seven Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life. With great storytelling and humor, he discusses how to push past any obstacle to achieve what is possible in life and business. After almost losing his life in a serious accident, John has turned his story into a message of finding possibility in the present and living boldly.

“In this industry, it’s critical to stay abreast with the trends and share notes about product lines. I gained solid business advice and clarity in setting business goals from D15,” says Jeff Mayer of Jones Kinden Company.  “This year, I am looking forward to picking up some brilliant ideas on builder/distributor relations from Ralph Hegman, who’s known for thinking outside the box. I am also very curious to see if you can make yourself more likable to increase sales and how to write an email that doesn’t get lost in cyber space.”

Connect at D17
There will be plenty of opportunities for networking throughout the conference agenda, allowing attendees a chance to catch up with old acquaintances and make new introductions. 

Why attend?
“At D17, I am looking forward to learning the latest in sales and operations to strengthen my company and U.S. manufacturing,” says AMT member Nick Shelton, Owner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Shelton Machinery and Concept Machinery. “The speakers were excellent at the Distribution Regional Summit last fall. I brought back new, easy-to-implement tactics and technology tips for my sales team.”

AMT gives special thanks to our D17 Connecting Sponsors, Royal Products and Tech Financial Group.

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