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2 January 2017 - 31 December 2018

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AMT has partnered with ToolingU, the leading e-Learning content provider in the manufacturing industry to deliver specific tracks of training specifically for new sales people who are not familiar with the manufacturing industry. MTUniversity Technology Fundamentals includes a total of fifty classes in about fifty hours of training in the basics of machine tools, cutting tools, workholding, quality control and manufacturing process fundamentals, shop math, blueprint reading, GD&T, and more.

Optional tracks are also available for the fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing, as well as a Quality Control Suite that covers quality standards including Lean, auditing processes and continuous improvement.

MTUniversity includes:

  • basics of machine tool, cutting tool, workholding, quality control and manufacturing process fundamentals
  • shop math
  • blueprint reading
  • GD&T
  • and more ...
All classes are designed for trainees to work at their own pace and are available 24/7/365 from any Internet connection on virtually any device.

Most classes take about an hour to complete, and include a pre-test and a final exam. Trainee progress is tracked through a learning management system and training results are reported to training managers, HR managers or other managers and principals.
  • Classes are text-based with audio voice-overs so that they are “read” to trainees who are audible learners.
  • Most classes include video examples, photos, diagrams or other illustrations, and trainees take virtual notes that are kept in the schedule online.
  • They can also stop and save their location in the class and resume where they left off should there be an interruption in the studies.
Trainees have up to one year to complete their subscription, during that year, they can review a class even if they have completed their final exam. Many online learners complete this 50 class regimen in as little as 2-3 weeks.

More advanced classes with simulations in CNC control training are available on the Haas, GE Fanuc, and Mazak controls.

Online Training Full Course Listing includes 45 machining fundamentals courses + 5 additional courses such as:
  • Set up reduction
  • Intro to Robotics
  • Advanced Lean Metrics
  • and more ...
On-Demand Delivery of Basic to Advanced Manufacturing Technology. MTUniversity has a solution to meet your needs. Find out more at

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