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A completed application consists of providing all of the information requested below and a $100 processing fee which may be paid via credit card after submitting your application. You will have the option to save a draft of your application at any time and complete it later.
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One of the best ways to benefit from AMT membership immediately is to participate in one of our benchmarking surveys. As a member, I agree to participate in at least one of the following:

Statistical Market Data Programs on a monthly basis (if the company makes/sells a qualifying product). Please select the survey your company could participate in:

Financial & HR Benchmarking Surveys on an annual basis. Surveys include:

Compensation & Benefits

It is AMT's policy that all survey information is kept confidential; only aggregate data will be reported in the surveys. The AMT Guiding Principle of Confidentiality states: "no one should be able to use these reports to identify a company involved in any survey." Our objective is to encourage a high level of participation in AMT surveys so that the results have quantified and verified statistical relevance. Questions about these surveys can be directed to Pat McGibbon.



1. What is your U.S. operation's primary business activity?
(You may select multiple)
U.S. Manufacturing Technology Builder
Foreign Manufacturing Technology Builder
Manufacturing Technology Distribution/Sales

Please select your product line(s):
Additive Process
Advanced Materials
Automation/Integration/Robotics/Custom Systems
EDM/ECM/Lasers/Welding/Plasma & Waterjet Cutting/ Rotary Erosion
Machine Tool Components/Business Services, including Engineering
Metalforming Machines
Non-Metalworking Machinery/Maintenance/Environmental/Material Handling

2. Please check all that apply to your company's U.S. facilities.

Manufacturing Facility
(You must check at least one of the choices in the box below)
For assembly
For manufacturing a qualifying product line
Foreign cost as percent of U.S. revenue is %

Technical Center
Sales/Service/Field Office
U.S.-based R&D, product design, or application engineering

3. Please indicate how you provide service and support to your customers/for your products in the U.S. Select all that apply.

Applications engineering
Custom engineering/integration
Provide field service
(You must check at least one of the choices in the box below)
Employ field service personnel
Sub-contract field service personnel to other firms

Maintain inventory and/or spare parts

4. Please indicate how you support the development of the U.S. manufacturing base in the U.S. through education initiatives. Select all that apply.
Offer internship/apprentice program
Involved in STEM program at K-12 schools, vocational schools, and/or technical schools
Support engineering programs at 4-year colleges and universities
Support workforce development initiatives at community colleges
Donate equipment or money to local educational institutions


Please select the correct dues category for your membership (include all companies and locations under common control1). To determine the correct category, please use the recognized revenue2 derived from manufacturing technology3 on your company’s most recent annual financial statement.


  1. Control of a corporation shall be deemed to exist by virtue of the ownership, directly or indirectly, of stock possessing at least 50% of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock entitled to vote.
  2. Recognized Revenue is the revenue recognized by your entity (or division of an entity if you are a subsidiary or division of a larger company) in its audited financial statements in accordance with GAAP.
  3. Represents the combined elements of “Machine Tools” (power driven manufacturing machinery, not portable by hand, used in the process of transforming man-made materials into discrete durable goods) and “Related Equipment, Products, Software or Services” (any products other than machine tools which are used in manufacturing discrete durable goods, including but not limited to automated assembly, integration, additive technologies, parts and components, accessories, attachments, tools and tooling, software engineering and systems design services, and distribution & service support) and reflects the overall description of the activities conducted by members.

 Dues Category Global Shipments Annual Dues
  I Less then $2,500,000 $500
  II $2,500,000 to $7,499,999 $1,650
  III $7,500,000 to $14,999,999 $2,750
  IV $15,000,000 to $29,999,999 $4,400
  V $30,000,000 to $59,999,999 $6,900
  VI $60,000,000 to $119,999,999 $8,750
  VII $120,000,000 to $349,999,999 $11,900
  VIII $350,000,000 to $999,999,999 $15,950
  IX More than $1,000,000,000 $21,550
** Contributions, fees, or membership dues paid to AMT are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Ten percent of your dues payment is not deductible as a business expense.**

Electronic Signature

By submitting this application you hereby certify, attest and agree that: (a) you have authority on behalf of your organization to submit this application and be bound by the rules of AMT if admitted as a member; (b) that all information provided to AMT is true and correct and that you will notify AMT if any information provided to AMT ceases to be true and correct at any time during your membership in AMT if you are accepted as a member; and (c) that you meet all of the membership criteria to be a member of AMT.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions above.

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