Chris Whittaker
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC

Key takeaways from my presentation:

  • Learn how to overcome a CRM implementation that isn’t meeting your needs. It’s never too late to get your organization on the path to full adoption and learn from your mistakes to avoid future pitfalls.
  • Hear CTG’s story and discover how their first CRM purchase motivated by ‘need to have one…’ led to a system of little value to management, sales people and operations. After a focused strategy and a fresh start, CTG now uses their CRM system to collaborate internally with a sharp focus on supporting their customers and managing projects. 
  • Find out how choosing the right partner to help you with your CRM needs can be just as important, if not more important, than picking the right system for your company.


Responsible for all CTG global sales and marketing activities, Chris is passionate about the sales process and promoting collaboration amongst the members of his global sales team. In 1997 Chris began at CTG as a co-op, and now has more than 19 years of experience working throughout CTG in engineering, proposal, sales, marketing and business development.