Ian Stringer
Director - MTInsight Group

AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology

Key takeaways from my presentation:

  • Deep dive into key themes in business intelligence such as data acquisition, analytics, presentation, and delivery.
  • Sneak peak at some of the technologies and methodologies employed by MTInsight  while becoming more familiar with the apps available on the system and how members are currently using these tools.
  • Guidance on the future of business intelligence and big data technologies and how those trends will influence future MTInsight products.  


Ian leads the association’s MTInsight Group, which develops business intelligence and associated data management systems for its members. Throughout his 16 years at AMT, he has served members by providing market intelligence through the maintenance, development, and oversight of benchmarking surveys and the delivery of custom economic research. During this time, he became interested in improving the efficiency by which market intelligence could be delivered to the membership leading to his proficiency in computer science.