Sponsor the 2016 Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference

It’s all about the audience. You won’t find another venue that puts your brand message in front of this many C-level executives all year!  They’re all in one room…and your message reaches them several times over the course of the meeting!


At GFMC 2015:

  •  Half of all visitors held leadership titles (Owner, President, COO, E.V.P., CFO, V.P.)
  •  Over 150 unique companies in attendance from 31 states
  •  The largest-selling names in the U.S. and the world


For over four decades, the Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference has been the go-to event for economic forecasts that identify the coming trends and opportunities in manufacturing…the place where hundreds of the most influential leaders in our industry meet to network, compare notes, and share insights. 

GFMC 2016 sponsorship puts your brand message in front of this influential audience with dozens of repeat impressions.


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