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MTUniversity Additive Manufacturing Online Learning-Subscription

Manufacturers are beginning to recognize the benefits that Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers in terms of speed, simplicity, reliability, and cost. Additive manufacturing is a process in which a three-dimensional computer model design is built into a physical object by joining thin layers of material. AM is a versatile field that encompasses a variety of methods, materials, and applications.

AMT has partnered with ToolingU, the leading e-Learning content provider in the manufacturing industry to deliver specific tracks on Additive Manufacturing on a subscription basis for $325. The track is approximately eight hours of study and includes a vocabulary list, a pre-test and Final Exam. For CMTSEs who are in the process of recertifying their credential, this track of classes has the same Professional Development point value as a college course (4 Points).   (more)
MTUniversity Quality Suite Online Learning-Subscription
Quality within an organization is driven by the needs of customers.

These classes address the many facets that contribute to quality. Content covers standards, auditing, and improvement for all levels of the shop.   (more)
MTUniversity Technology Fundamentals Subscription
MTUniversity Technology Fundamentals includes the basics of machine tool, cutting tool, workholding, quality control and manufacturing process fundamentals, shop math, blueprint reading, GD&T, and more.  (more)