All Economic Trends are now available on the Economic Trends app in MTInsight, available to all AMT members at no additional cost.  If you do not have an MTInsight subscription and are an AMT member, please reach out to Ilan Nathanson. This information is updated weekly. The following series are available:
  1. General Economic Indicators

    • The economic data represented in this report can change from month to month based on the series that will provide the clearest perspective on the economy's health. The series currently provides detailed information on construction activity; key industrial production indices; general manufacturing shipments, backlogs and inventories; National Association for Purchasing Managers indices; general capacity utilization rates; leading indicators; and key trends data from the metalworking machinery markets.

  2. Housing Starts

    • This series is updated monthly with several different looks at trends in housing starts. This report provides members with four different views on housing starts. The raw data provides users with information essential to supporting in-house econometric or trend data models. The 3-month average chart provides a look at housing start trends without the erratic month-to-month variations in stats associated with seasonal demographical and structural issues.

  3. Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization

    • These two series are part of the monthly G.17 release by the Federal Reserve. Industrial production is a calculated index of output by major industrial sector. Capacity utilization measures actual output as a percentage of potential output. If an industry is above 80% capacity, it usually signals expansion. Economic Trends - Manufacturing Trend Data report has been separated into two reports to provide you the most up-to-date data as soon as it becomes available - this report includes data on industrial production and capacity utilization. You will find shipments, orders, inventory, and backlog in Economic Trends - Shipments, Orders, Inventory, and Backlog.

  4. Motor Vehicle Summary

    • Profitability in the auto industry has always had a strong correlation to the industry’s spending on new capital equipment. This report provides a graphical look at autos, light trucks, and total light vehicle sales monthly represented as annualized rates. A table with the raw data is also provided in the subscription.

  5. Oil and Gas

    • Monthly data related to the extraction, transfer, supply, and demand for both liquid and gaseous fuels. Data is presented as number of wells, and volume of fuels.

  6. Price Indices

    • The Price Index Reports are often cited or referenced in AMT member contracts with customers or employee contracts.  Data on inflation and prices are collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; AMT has compiled the series' that are relevant to manufacturers and simplified the report formatting.

  7. Shipments, Orders, Inventory, and Backlog

    • This report provides monthly charts based on data collected and published by the Census Bureau. Over 50 different manufacturing industries or industry groups are available, including both manufacturing technology providers and major customer industries. Provides market analysts or forecasters the first essential element to projecting sales or shipments.

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