MTInsight - Customized Manufacturing Business Intelligence

MTInsight is an industry-focused online business tool that boosts performance and productivity with actionable manufacturing intelligence. MTInsight combines dynamic software with AMT's expert analysis, industry experience and unique data warehouse.

Customer Prospecting

Gain access to thousands of company and individual records to take your next sales or marketing campaign to the next level.
IMTS Exhibitor Passport
Using exclusive data from the trade shows you participate in, identify new customers searching for your product or within your industry, easily manage your marketing lists, and contact your customers through the built-in email manager.

Didn’t participate in any trade shows? AMT also offers a prospecting tool that can help you identify new customers in the US by industry, geography and size in addition to providing you with contacts at that company.

Performance Monitoring

Participants in AMT's product benchmarking surveys have access to advanced reporting through industry-specific apps.
USMTO in Advance
Gain access to reports and visualization tools showing manufacturing technology order data across multiple years and dimensions by participating in the U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) statistical program.


Judge the magnitude and direction of fluctuations in currency exchange rates and the business cycle with up-to-date economic trends reporting. 
Economic Trends
In addition to exchange rates across multiple countries in one matrix view, don't miss Economic Trends reporting that includes construction spending, industrial production, manufacturing orders, shipments, inventory and backlog, consumer sentiment, and monthly active machine tool orders. 

Industry News 

Read integrated news feeds from all news sources, including industry trades related to manufacturing technology.
MT News
Sell Your Products

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