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ANSI B11.0-2015 - Safety of Machinery; General Requirements and Risk Assessment
This is a revised standard available for purchase.  (more)
ANSI B11.09-2010 (R2015) Safety Requirements for Grinding Machines
Newly reaffirmed standard available for purchase.  (more)
ANSI B11.10 2003 (R15) Safety Requirements for Metal Sawing Machines
Newly reaffirmed standard available for purchase.  (more)
ANSI B11.12 2005 (R2015) Safety Requirements for Roll Forming & Roll Bending Machines
Newly reaffirmed standard available for purchase.  (more)
ANSI B11.17 2004 (R15) Safety Requirements for Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
Newly reaffirmed standard available for purchase.  (more)
ANSI B11.20 2004 (R15) Safety Requirements for Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Newly reaffirmed standard available for purchase.  (more)
ANSI B11.TR6-2010
Electrical Safety Standards
NFPA 79 - Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
IEC 60204-1 Safety of Machinery – Electrical Equipment of Machines – Part 1: General Requirements  (more)
European Union Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
Effective January 1, 1996  (more)
ISO 230-2:2006 NC Positioning Standard Revised
This standard supersedes and replaces the old AMT (NMTBA) "Definition and Evaluation of Accuracy and Repeatability of Numerically Controlled Machine Tools," as well as the German VDI/DGQ 3441 on the same subject.   (more)
JIC Standards
JIC (Joint Industrial Council) Standards were written in the early 1950s by a joint committee of major machine tool builders and users. The purpose was to provide a uniform set of basic practices which would result in a well-built machine tool.   (more)
Locating Engineering Standards
Information on where to purchase engineering standards.  (more)
Machinery Safety Standards - Part 2 - Update on ISO/TC 39/SC10 (International machine tool safety standards)
This subcommittee was formulated to develop ISO machine tool safety standards by developing existing European safety standards (the CEN equivalent to ANSI B11) to become ISO standards via the Vienna Agreement. Two of these seven Work Groups have completed their standards development activity (WG3 and WG5) with all remaining Work Groups nearing completion of their work. To read more, click here.  (more)
Machinery Safety Standards - Part 3 - Update on ANSI B11 and Other Relevant Domestic Standards
ANSI B11 (machine safety).  The B11 series of safety standards is about to gain two new standards in its sizeable portfolio. ANSI B11.25 on large machines is a type-B standard addressing the unique safety requirements for machines that have an axis of travel greater than two cubic meters and ANSI B11.26 (Functional Safety:  Design principles and the Practical Application of ISO 13849-1) that began development using the 2010 B11.TR6 document as a template. Along the way, it has undergone substantial revision to become a more usable applications guide for ISO 13846. It represents a compendium of a large number of example electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuit well-tried diagrams.  (more)
Members Only
Machinery Safety Standards – Part 1
Every year, we provide members a glimpse into work being conducted in the updating of standards related to the safety of machinery. This is Part 1 of the update and focuses on ISO/TC 199 (safety of machinery standards) activity. ISO/Technical Committee 199 held their most recent Plenary meeting in April 2014 in Tokyo, sponsored by JMTBA, the Japanese Industrial Standards Council (JISC) and the Japanese Machinery Federation (JMF). The meeting was used primarily to review the TC business plan, to review the status updates and work progress from the various active work groups and to consider standards up for systematic review in 2015.  (more)
Metalworking Skill Standards
Common skills and competencies that the metalworking industry has determined a worker needs to perform well on the job.  (more)
U.S. Engineering Standards for Machine Tools
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is the Standards Developing Organization (SDO) for the American National Standards Institute's ANSI/ASME B5 series of engineering standards for machine tools. These standards cover a wide range of components and machine tools of interest to membership.

For more information on these standards, or an understanding of how you can participate in development, contact ASME at 212-519-8018 and ask for the ASME B5 Standards Administrator.  (more)