Sound plans and the data to support them are critical to success in today's competitive global business environment. 

AMT offers many programs that further your business development. Rely on us for business leads, customized research, contacts at key government agencies, and one-on-one consultation with industry experts to lead you to global success. Participate in performance benchmarking, economic and market data for planning and strategy, and save money with AMT partner programs.

Business Review Day

Don’t miss out on this highly focused and individualized day filled with in-depth interaction, consulting, and brainstorming opportunities that will help you develop and implement a strategy for your company.


Global Services 
Key Contacts:

Strategic Analytics
Key Contacts:

Ed Christopher
VP - Global Services
Phone: 703-827-5251

Chris Downs
Director - Strategic Analytics
Phone: 703-827-5259


MTInsight Group

Ian Stringer
VP - Business Intelligence Group
Phone: 703-827-5209