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What is the Login and why should I log in?

What is AMT Member Access or Non AMT Member Access?

What is My AMT?

I'm not printing anything excessively large, why is the information getting cut off?

How do I use the Search tool?

Why am I viewing outdated articles on my screen?

What does "cache" mean?

Steps to clear your "cache:"

What are "cookies?"

Why are "cookies" used on the AMTonline site?


What is the Login and why should I log in? Back to Top

AMT Members and non members can become registered users of the site for free.  Members who register for the first time will be given member access within 1-2 business days.  Once a member is granted member access they will be notified via e-mail and will be able to access all member only content.  A non AMT member can become a registered user to order reports/publications, register for events, and subscribe to reports and news feeds available to non members.

If you are a registered user, you may click on Login to log in and click on Logout to log out anytime while using the site.  If cookies are enabled in your browser, your login information will be remembered as long as you do not log out.

If you are a new user, you may click on Register to access AMTonline, on the login page or by going directly to the register page  The registration process is free, simple and immediate.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration and another e-mail will follow within 1 - 2 business days confirming your member status.

What is AMT Member Access or Non AMT Member Access? Back to Top

AMT is a Trade Association and has more than 600 member companies. All individuals that work for a member company in the U.S. have access to member only information, services and custom research. Some information on AMTonline is available to non members, but much of the information is member only. If you have AMT member access to AMTonline, then you will be able to see all information. If you have Non AMT member access to AMTonline, then you will only see the information that is available to non AMT members.

If you have questions regarding your membership status or want to know how you can become a member of AMT, please contact our Membership Department at 703-827-5272.

What is My AMT? Back to Top

This feature is for registered users only.  The "My AMT" function allows you to:  access and update your user profile,  adjust your email alerts, see all of your ratings, and access special groups. AMT members can also submit their company news through the Member Content Submission Form and those individuals designated may also edit company information or renew their company's membership in this area.

I'm not printing anything excessively large, why is the information getting cut off? Back to Top

This problem is more than likely due to your browser configurations. To check print settings, click CTRL+P. Then adjust Layout option to Landscape.

How do I use the Search tool? Back to Top

For a simple search, type in a word or phrase in the box and click "Search."  Any articles or information pertaining to your search will appear.

For a more advanced search, click "Advanced Search."  This allows you to search by keywords and narrow your search by selecting date, sections, popular topics and type of documents.

Why am I viewing outdated articles on my screen? Back to Top is always being updated and the page you viewed was "cached" on your hard drive the last time you accessed the site.  You need to clear your "cache" on your computer in order to view the most recent articles. 

What does "cache" mean? Back to Top

Cache (pronounced "cash") is storage of temporary data retrieved from web pages that you have visited.  Your computer accesses this information instantly, since it is stored on your hard drive.  However, using a "cached" page will prevent you from viewing the most current articles on the AMTonline site.  Follow the steps below to clear your "cache."

Steps to clear your "cache:" Back to Top

How to Clear Your Browser's Cache - external website

What are "cookies?" Back to Top

Cookies are small pieces of information that a web site stores in a special file called a cookie list on your computer.  The file allows a web site, like to identify you when you log onto the site or they permit user-side customization (for example selecting the articles you would like to read on the AMTonline site).

Why are "cookies" used on the AMTonline site? Back to Top

We use this information to generate statistics and measure site activity to improve the usefulness of customer visits.  During normal web site usage we do not collect or store personally identifiable information such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, or phone number.  When you visit our web site, we may collect information about you that does not identify you as an individual.  For example, "cookies" may be stored on your computer's hard drive to track your web activity.  The only information we collect and store during normal web site usage is the name of your Internet service provider, the web site that referred you to us, the pages you request and the date and time of those requests.  If your browser permits, you may decline our cookies, but doing so may impact the optimal experience of certain parts of the site.

If you need additional assistance contact AMT at 703-893-2900 or