Thank you for your interest in membership in AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology. Applying for membership in AMT consists of submitting:

1. A completed application, available online here. This can be returned to AMT via online submission, email, fax (703-827-5214), or mail (AMT--7901 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22102). 

2. A $100 application fee. A form is included in the application linked above. It may be mailed to AMT with a check or credit card. Alternately, the form may be completed and faxed in (703-827-5214) with credit card information. Please do not email credit card information. 

Companies are considered for membership in AMT based on their investment in the manufacturing technology market in the United States, as evidenced by: (a) the product line(s) they engineer, make, sell, and service; (b) their physical presence in the U.S.; (c) the makeup of their current U.S. manufacturing workforce; and (d) their commitment to the future of U.S. manufacturing technology through education initiatives.

Eligible companies could have:
• high levels of engineering and production in their U.S. locations AND/OR
• ample personnel and infrastructure to provide service and support for their products AND/OR
• training and/or education initiatives with their workforce, customers, and/or students AND/OR
• investment in research and development through partnerships with academic, private, and corporate institutions.

For more information about the application process, please contact Melissa Williamson, Member Services Manager, 703-827-5272.