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Transor Hits New Milestone in Sales
Transor Filter announces that they have surpassed the 25,000 drum mark in shipments of TransOgrind TG-250, the quality grinding oil that has become the preferred choice for manufacturers of carbide cutting tools all over the world.    (more)
ORDERFOX and AMT – Aligned on US Industry Growth

With, Buyers and CNC Manufacturers can digitize their work processes and benefit significantly. Buyers gain direct access to available capacity, and Manufacturers find available CNC orders instantly – locally, nationally or globally.

RFQ creation has never been easier - has launched a Free RFQ Placement Service for creating Buyer RFQs, and offers manufacturers an Industry 4.0 entry point.
RFQ creation has never been easier - has launched a Free RFQ Placement Service for creating Buyer RFQs, and offers manufacturers an Industry 4.0 entry point.
Newest Gripper Unleashes Full Power of Universal Robots (UR) e-Series Cobots
New Scale Robotics harnesses UR’s new high-speed communications interface to increase measurement precision and control multiple grippers on one robot  (more)
First Multi-Tool Mount System for the Smallest Collaborative Robots Boosts Automation Productivity
New Scale Robotics hardware and software enable fast setup and control of up to THREE tools on one URe cobot  (more)
CNC Machines to Offer Valuations and On-The-Spot Cash Offers to Manufacturers Seeking to Buy New Equipment At FABTECH
CNC Machines will be an exhibitor at the upcoming FABTECH expo (exhibitor booth #A2181) from  November 11 through 14 in Chicago, offering on-the-spot help to attendees who are buying or selling their manufacturing equipment.   (more)
Transor Hits New Milestone in Sales
Transor Filter announces that they have surpassed the 25,000 drum mark in shipments of TransOgrind TG-250 quality grinding oil, the preferred choice for manufacturers of carbide cutting tools all over the world.  (more)
CNC Machines Annual Skills-Gap Scholarship Now Open for Students Enrolled in Manufacturing-Related Programs
SANFORD, FL - - - As the manufacturing industry faces a future where its recent surge could be hampered by a lack of skilled workers and recent Trump tariff news, one Florida-based company is stepping up to help the cause. CNC Machines this week announced it is accepting applications for a $2500 scholarship for students pursuing a certification, certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree in a manufacturing-related area of study.  (more)
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. Announces Mark Wright As President & CEO  (more)
Familiar Faces with New Roles at Edgewater Automation
Today, Edgewater Automation, a global custom automation equipment supplier, announced new leadership roles for a group of employees.   (more)
Transor Filter Appoints Tom Wagner Vice President
Transor Filter's Tom Wagner has been appointed Vice President, Technical Support and Service.  Mr Wagner has been with Transor since 1985 and has played an integral role in thousands of installations of Transor filters worldwide.  (more)
Increasing Online Searches in the Machine Tool Industry

Increasing Online Searches in the Machine Tool Industry

There are 190,000 manufacturers with less than 20 employees – your shop is probably one of them. Marketing might mean more hours added on top of the hours devoted to getting jobs through the shop. But you don’t need to do marketing in-house, especially digital marketing.

Rosswag Engineering Adds Third SLM®280 to Expand Production and Aid Material Qualification Process
Rosswag Engineering has announced the acquisition of its third selective laser melting system from SLM Solutions. The third SLM®280 machine delivered to their facility in Pfinztal, Germany, expands their production and development capabilities with the metal additive manufacturing technology.   (more)
Rolls-Royce selects SLM Solutions’ SLM®500 quad-laser machine for next stage additive manufacturing industrialization
SLM®500 quad-laser machines have been selected by Rolls-Royce to help develop its Additive Layer Manufacturing capability. The machines will play an important role in helping Rolls-Royce in the competitive adoption of additive layer manufacturing for aerospace components.  (more)
Beam-IT and SLM Solutions Expand Their Cooperation
Beam-IT, Italy’s largest additive manufacturing service bureau, and SLM Solutions have signed an agreement to deepen their long term cooperation. Beam-IT expands its product portfolio with two new SLM® machines for their production and to work on the development of new parameters. The exchange of knowledge regarding new research results and parameter development are planned to create added value for both companies.   (more)
SLM Solutions Opens New Application Center in Shanghai to Continue Growth in Asian Market
SLM Solutions celebrates the grand opening of their new expanded office facilities and application center for their head office in China. After establishing Chinese operations in Shanghai in 2015, the new facility will strengthen SLM Solutions’ presence in China and allow local staff to collaborate with customers to foster selective laser melting innovation.  (more)
Gunsmith Lathe Selection: Three Things to Know Before Buying

Gunsmith Lathe Selection: Three Things to Know Before Buying

In the market for a gunsmith lathe? Do yourself a favor and extend your search to include industrial lathes, manual economy lathesprecision lathes, and even toolroom lathes. It’s quite possible you’ll save some money by buying a more general-purpose lathe, and will almost certainly have a higher-quality, longer lasting machine to boot. Here are a few things to consider:

CNC Knee Mill: Is it time for an upgrade?
Just as the day will come when you need a better car or a bigger house, there’s also a time when you should consider upgrading to a CNC Knee Mill. They offer better control. The productivity is much greater than with a manual mill. There’s increased opportunities to make more complex parts. And of course, there’s none of that endless hand-cranking to make your arms tired. If you’re ready for an upgrade to a CNC Knee Mill, think about the following before signing on the bottom line.  (more)
Large Bore Lathe Shopping: Three Things to Consider
When you’re one of the elite few that turns massive parts for a living, the day inevitably comes when you need a bigger machine. This is especially true in industries such as oil and gas, mining, steel processing, and—somewhat ironically—machine tool builders. Each of these is always looking to build larger, more capable equipment; without an equally capable engine lathe to deliver high-quality shafts, housings, and other mechanical components needed make this equipment. Here a few things to consider when shopping for your next large lathe.  (more)
Beckwood Press Company to Build 3,500-Ton Bulge Forming Press for Wabash National Corp.
Beckwood Press Companyhas been awarded a contract by Wabash National Corporation to engineer and build a custom 3,500-ton hydraulic bulge forming press that will be used to form stainless steel and aluminum tank heads with diameters up to 156-in. for Wabash National’s tank and silo business.  (more)
EMAG Wins the “Axia Best Managed Companies Award”
Strategic vision, capacity to innovate, sustainable management culture and good corporate governance—the “Axia Best Managed Companies Award” sets expectations high for participating businesses. This year, the organizers from the consulting firm Deloitte, the German weekly business news magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) have awarded the distinction to the EMAG Group. A speaker at the award ceremony pointed out that the innovative mechanical engineering company has contributed to securing Germany’s economic future and serves as a model for others. The event took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, at the beginning of May.
Induction heating system scores points in motor production at Elektror
Many industrial production processes wouldn’t be possible without fans—they play a decisive role in the drying, suction or cooling of materials. Often the stability and efficiency of the entire production process may even be dependent on the fans used. The challenging task for Elektror airsystems becomes clearer against this backdrop: The company is one of the international leaders in the production of industrial fans and side channel compressors. Elektror has been relying on UNI HEAT from EMAG eldec since mid-2018 for the production of the electric motors used in its fans: The system ensures quick and precise induction heating of the empty stator housing before the joining process with the motor winding. The process reliability and flexibility of the entire sequence are essential for the rapid “one-piece-flow” at Elektror.   (more)
Kent CNC's Quick Guide to CNC Turning Centers

You can trace the history of the lathe’s origin as far back as 1300 B.C. as it was used by ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Assyrians, and the Greeks.  Over the centuries, we have seen the lathe evolve from a two-person, bow-driven machine during ancient times to its wide adoption and popularity during the Industrial Revolution, and now to the sophisticated precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning machines we have today.


The Nuts & Bolts of Lathes

The difference between lathes and turning centers

For the most part, lathes today are commonly referred to as CNC lathes and CNC turning centers.  The CNC lathe is a simpler 2-axis (X and Z-axis) machine that is computer-controlled and generally has one spindle.  They are commonly flat-bed type and may have only minimal protective enclosure around the machine and the machine ways.

CNC turning centers are also computer controlled but are more powerful and can have 3, 4 or 5-axes with more versatile capabilities and applications such as turning, drilling, tapping, and milling using live tools with powered rotary tool turret, sub-spindle (dual spindles), Y-axis, and multiple turrets.  They are usually slant-bed type and have full machine enclosures to keep chips and coolant splashes within the machine.  CNC turning centers have higher production capabilities than CNC lathes.

Aloi Materials Handling & Automation and Automated Cells & Equipment (ACE) Announce Plans to Combine Operations

Aloi Materials Handling & Automation of Rochester, NY announced that is has acquired Automated Cells & Equipment (ACE) of Painted Post, NY and plans to integrate operations into a single company. 

UNITED GRINDING North America Announces Road to Success Event Series
To help its customers overcome their toughest manufacturing challenges, UNITED GRINDING North America is holding a series of educational road-show-style events across the country. Known as the Road to Success, the events take place between April and October at community and technical colleges and manufacturing distributors in nine cities across the United States and include various presentations as well as systems from STUDER, WALTER and UNITED GRINDING Automation Solutions.  (more)
Four Things Job Shops Should Know When Searching for the Best Vertical Machining Center
VMCs are the workhorses of any job shop. They’re able to machine a huge variety of parts. The tooling is widely available, as are machine operators. VMCs are also less expensive than a comparably-sized horizontal or five-axis machining center. Finding the best vertical machining center for your job shop, however, can be a daunting task. How many tools do you need? Is there enough RPM and spindle power? How much axis travel is enough? These and other questions should be carefully evaluated against a job shop’s current and future requirements. Here are some things to consider before signing on the bottom line.  (more)
Knee Mill Shopping Tips – 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Milling Machine

No matter how sophisticated the machine shop, no matter how many CNCs it owns and operates, you’ll always find a knee mill on the floor. That’s because knee mills are the machine of choice for prototyping, secondary operations, and tooling and fixture work; for shops that are just starting out, knee mills are often the very first machine purchased. They’re flexible, easy to operate, and there’s little that a capable machinist can’t make on one.

Maybe yours is a starter shop. Maybe you’re considering another knee mill to add capacity to your existing equipment. Either way, there are several features you should look for in a new machine:

VLC 200 GT from EMAG: Combining technologies to machine state-of-the-art transmission components

It is no secret that e-mobility is a growing market. A current study by the consulting firm Strategy Analytics, predicts the production output of “electric vehicles” will increase to 25% of the global market by 2025. It should be noted that the study uses “electric” as an umbrella term that covers all aspects of e-mobility, i.e. hybrids, fuel cell drives, and pure electric vehicles, and that the markets are highly heterogeneous. It is expected that 50% of the production will take place in China, and the other 50% will be throughout the rest of the world.

Heterogeneous markets means multiple manufacturers, even more models, and diverse drive concepts. In addition, about three quarters of vehicles will continue to have traditional combustion engines.  This puts production planners and automotive industry suppliers in a difficult situation: How do you manage this product diversity and increasing production volumes? For many years, EMAG has been providing answers to these questions with a broad range of production solutions for components used mainly in powertrain applications.



2019 EMAG Technology Forum: Solutions for Tomorrow’s Smart Car Production

Digitalization and e-mobility—just one of these megatrends would already be enough to unleash massive transformations in the manufacturing and machinery industries. But when both occur at the same time, what should change and how should businesses prepare? These questions will be the main focus of the 2019 EMAG Technology Forum to be held on May 15 and 16 in Salach, Germany. The event takes a comprehensive look into the future and at the same time provides very concrete answers to these questions and more. It will also be an opportunity to bring together both science and practice. Renowned experts will talk about “Tomorrow’s Mobility” and “Big Data” in the manufacturing process and EMAG experts will show new production solutions for e-mobility in a variety of sessions within the theme area.


Beckwood Launches EVOx™ Line of Servo-Electric Presses for Light-Duty Assembly
Beckwood Press Company is proud to announce the launch of EVOx™, a complete line of servo-electric presses. With models ranging from 1,000 lbf – 100,000 lbf (0.5 - 50 tons), EVOx™ presses are ideal for light-duty assembly applications including clamping, crimping, joining, press fitting, punching/blanking, riveting, spring testing, staking, and swaging.  (more)
High-Speed Machining: Four Ways to Increase Productivity and Cut Costs
Hogging with a high-speed steel corncob cutter was once considered the best way to remove lots of material quickly. No longer. The techniques that work well on a manual knee mill have no place on CNC machining centers. Instead, machinists should apply lighter radial depths of cut, full-length axial cutter engagement, and significantly faster feedrates. It’s called high-speed machining, and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on some big productivity gains.  (more)
Kent USA Celebrates 40th Year

In 1979, Kent Industrial USA Inc started with a line of precision surface grinders focused on delivering quality, value, and service to the metalworking industry from small job shops to large manufacturing enterprises. Today, the company offers conventional and CNC models of knee millsbed millstool room lathesoil country lathesbandsawssinker, and wire-cut EDM, in addition to surface grinders, cylindrical grinderscenterless grinders, and tool & cutter grinders – with more than 22,000 machines sold globally.

Machining Center Selection: Three Things to Know
Let’s face it: if you’re shopping for a CNC machining center, there are a number of good choices out there. And just like picking out your next car or a vacation home, there’s a lot to consider before buying one. Kent CNC recognizes this. We encourage our customers to educate themselves on what’s available, what to look for, and what options to select on your next one. Here are a few things to consider:  (more)
Bugatti Develops and Builds Functional Components for High-Performance Vehicles with the SLM® Additive Manufacturing Technology from SLM Solutions
Metal additive manufacturing technology is accelerating industrial development in the automotive sector, as shown by the repeated success of the Bugatti sports car brand in achieving consistent function integration and significant performance optimization of components. Multiple metal 3D printed functional components from Bugatti have been previously featured in the press, and all were produced on machines developed and manufactured by SLM Solutions.   (more)
Slugging it Out: Four Arguments Against Bar Feeders
Let’s pretend you just ordered a KLR-series 2-axis horizontal turning center from Kent CNC. Congratulations, but how are you going to keep it fed? One of the biggest decisions anyone can make upon ordering a new CNC lathe—whether it’s ours or someone else’s—is what kind of bar feeder to use, or whether one is even necessary. A strong argument can be made for skipping it.   (more)
Feeding’s Faster: Three Reasons to Avoid Slugging
In the previous blog post, I offered four good reasons to save yourself some hard-earned cash and skip the bar feeder on your next lathe purchase. These include floor space, material waste, spindle speed limitations, bar preparation, and the not-insignificant cost of the bar feeder (I guess that’s five reasons).  (more)
Master Fluid Solutions®, Committed to Providing the Most Advanced Metalworking Fluid Solutions to the Globe, Announces their New Precision Machining Center
Master Fluid Solutions continues its investment in innovation and future development with the creation of their new Precision Machining Center. The center will quicken and significantly improve their product development process as well as enhance their unique customer training methods.  (more)
Orbex Builds World’s Largest Single-Piece Rocket Engine 3D Printed on the SLM®800 Selective Laser Melting Machine
Orbex has introduced the world’s largest metal rocket engine 3D printed in a single piece on the SLM®800. Founded in 2015, the UK-based spaceflight company develops small satellite launch vehicles and introduced Prime, their revolutionary and environmentally-friendly rocket at the grand opening of their new headquarters in Forres, Scotland. The novel Orbex launcher not only uses 100% renewable fuel to cut carbon emissions by 90% and a novel zero-shock staging and payload separation resulting in zero orbital debris, but was also design-optimized for selective laser melting, helping to create a structure 30% lighter and 20% more efficient than any other launch vehicle in its category.  (more)
Drill and Burr Program for MRO
Since its founding in 1952, the Precision Twist Drill brand of cutting tools has represented both reliability and quality to its broad user base. This standard continues with a selection of HSS drills and carbide rotary burrs designed specifically to meet the needs of the Maintenance & Repair professional. Branded as PRECISIONLIGHT, this program of drills and burrs will provide affordable reliability together with a level of service and support consistent with that of the balance of the Dormer Pramet broad product offering.  (more)
Top 7 Mistakes Manufactures Could Avoid When Choosing A Mist Collection Systems!
"Discover These 7 Mist Collection Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A New Or Upgraded System!"  (more)
Beckwood and KOMT Deliver Automated Press for Spirit AeroSystems Joule Form™ Manufacturing Process
Beckwood Press Company recently engineered, manufactured, and delivered the first ever press with automated die change to Spirit AeroSystems for use in Spirit’s Joule Form™ manufacturing process. Using the automated press system from Beckwood, Spirit will be able to efficiently form lightweight titanium parts by directing energy only where it is needed, ultimately decreasing machined-part costs.  (more)