By   Denny Leonard, CMTSE, President, AME, Inc.

Our standard of living is directly related to our ability to create durable goods. The talk of encouraging more manufacturing in the United States will support an increase in the U.S. standard of living. Lowering regulations and taxes as being proposed at the federal level will increase manufacturing’s financial (GDP) performance.

AMT members, who are manufacturers or importers of machine tools, fabricating equipment and related products, provide production capability to the U.S. manufacturing sector. With these companies lies the processing capabilities for the manufacturing community. The people, equipment and knowledge bases of AMT members address multiple disciplines.

The world of mechanical parts manufacturing (subtractive or additive) and the sales and service of the necessary equipment is increasingly tied to digital technologies and quick response. Distribution by definition is nimble and best at adopting and providing the correct technology to the end user. People still buy from people whether face to face or online.

The future of manufacturing is likely to follow agriculture – employing fewer people, with high-tech automation doing much of the production, which is the real engine of wealth creation. Distributors and builders working in tandem on a partnership basis (creating a team) can best support the emerging future, which in reality is coming into your marketplace now.

AMT members who are engaged in distribution have the ability to analyze customer needs and work with the customer and the builder to find the correct solutions.

Distributors hire and train locally the engineering staff that can install and service machine tools. This support makes for a successful installation and a successful service life. Distributors act as the communication conduit between the builder and the customer/user. Distributors live and work next to the users and are very responsive on a local level. They best support the ongoing customer/user business needs. Distribution localizes the product.

Ongoing training is a most important factor for both builders and distributors who need to maintain an up-to-date exchange of information, in all its forms.