AMT: New Site, New Look, New Chapter

Today, AMT and the larger manufacturing technology community face a period of immense change. The advent of transformative technologies and the digital revolution has already begun to alter how we do business and has shown new opportunities for growth.
Mar 15, 2021

In 1902, in the midst of the Second Industrial Revolution, a coalition of American machine tool builders gathered in Ohio to found the National Machine Tool Builders’ Association, the association that would become AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This was an era of massive social, political, and economic change. Over the next century, AMT balanced these monumental shifts by focusing on our members; promoting the technological innovations, principles, and marvels that would become foundational to the modern world; and fine-tuning our products, events, and services. 

Today, AMT and the larger manufacturing technology community face a period of immense change. The advent of transformative technologies and the digital revolution has already begun to alter how we do business and has shown new opportunities for growth. The recent coronavirus pandemic unearthed the need for resilience in our technologies, processes, workforce, and supply chain. 

AMT strives to advance the manufacturing technology industry by providing services and products that facilitate the understanding and adoption of transformative technologies; fostering community and producing events that build partnerships and create new business opportunities; supporting business growth in international markets; and enhancing industry knowledge about technology, legislation, and workforce development. To that end, we’ve developed an updated website that is designed to put the relevant industry content our members need front and center.   

“AMT recognizes that our industry has encountered a pivotal and historic moment,” said Travis Egan, AMT Chief Revenue Officer and Vice President. “AMT has filled a vital role over the last century within our industry. We must prepare for the challenges, changes, and opportunities of the coming decades. By intentionally evolving our approach, we’ll be able to lead by example.”  

The new website brings the user experience into the modern age. It brings relevant industry content front and center and serves as a central hub for all things manufacturing technology. Visitors will be able to view USMTO press releases; receive the latest news and information on technology, the economy, international opportunities, workforce development and advocacy; learn about industry events and membership developments; gain access to educational modules; and so much more.  

“The new website is significantly more dynamic and interactive,” Egan continued. “And that’s a result of how we’re approaching the immediate and long-term future. We want to ensure our ability to pivot quickly to adapt to unforeseen conditions, to continue to serve our members through times of change and growth, and to advance the manufacturing technology community.” 

We proudly invite you to visit the new AMT website and check out our new look. It’s our first step into a new – but familiar – world.  

Kristin Bartschi
Director, Marketing & Communications
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