AMT Tech Report: Issue #153

Building F1 engines with sand. Blue screen of (literal) death. The importance of artificial idiocy.
Apr 08, 2021

Building F1 engines with sand. Blue screen of (literal) death. The importance of artificial idiocy.

Here's the latest tech article roundup from this week's Tech Report.

1. Watch This Video Now 

“Ugh. Steve is trying to get us to watch another car video.” Take it easy. It’s Friday, and be honest – you don’t want to get to work just yet. Go grab a cup of something high octane and give this a view. Now, #youpeople are some smart cookies, so I’m not guaranteeing you’ll learn too much from this, but it covers a myriad of manufacturing concepts at a 101 level without the risk of making an SME’s eyes roll back in their skull from boredom. In my opinion, this masterpiece should be required reading for new hires at AMT (or anybody who asks you what manufacturing technology is, for that matter), and I will be lobbying this to HR! 

2. “The Foundations of AI Are Riddled With Errors” 

Show this headline to a software developer, systems engineer, or anybody in IT (heck, even somebody who’s traded cryptocurrency) and they’ll come back with a sarcastic, “Ya don’t say?” Just like you can’t appreciate a sunny day without a few rainy ones, you can’t have artificial intelligence without some artificial idiocy. Hey, at least software can be patched! 

3. Microsoft’s AR Headsets for the Army 

Some of the longest-accepted uses for AR have military applications. Think holographic gun sights and head-up displays in combat aircraft as far back as the Vietnam era. Please tell me these headsets give soldiers a HUD showing their weapon’s point of aim, point of impact (with range), friendly IDs, hostile/target IDs, round count, atmospheric conditions, and, of course, a compass. This is cool and all until you realize: A blue screen of death could result in actual death! 

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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