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AMT Tech Report: Issue #162

Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame now accepting nominations. Italian Roboze bringing additive manufacturing hub to Texas. No longer satisfied with building watches and jewelry, the Swiss look to growing them. Size matters: Boston Micro Fabrication.
Jun 11, 2021

“If you want something done, do it yourself.”

– variously attributed to Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte, dramatist Charles-Guillaume Étienne, and weapons tycoon and bad guy Jean-Baptiste Zorg, “The Fifth Element”

1. Italian Additive Coming to Texas!

Italian manufacturer of industrial 3D-printing technology Roboze recently opened a new manufacturing facility in northwest Houston and aims to expand their employee headcount and U.S. business operations. Additionally, Roboze moved to Houston to attract robust scientific, engineering, and general R&D talent. With all these developments on top of Houston’s growing additive housing development, season two of “Road Trippin' with Steve” might have to make its way to the Lone Star State!

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2. Additive for Jewelery

Calling it right now: “lab grown” is the way of the future, and I think a team of Swiss researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and ETH Zurich would agree! “For the first time via additive manufacturing, a high-density amorphous and crack-free bulk metallic glass (BMG) based on palladium alloy. The results show significant promise in the use of such material in the additive manufacturing of watches and jewelry.”

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3. Micro Additive, Macro Impact

You know how milling and turning (subtractive manufacturing) small precision parts is generally referred to as “Swiss?” Hear me out: Boston is to printers as Switzerland is to mills and lathes. I’m just saying! Take a look at what those brains at MIT are doing now! Rapper Ricky Rozay always told me “BMF” stood for “blowin’ money fast,” but I’m thinking manufacturers the world over will soon know the true meaning: Boston Micro Fabrication. Uh!

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4. And the Nominees Are… Up to You?

The Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame is now open and accepting inductee nominations for 2021! If you know some awesome women who have made a positive impact in increasing female representation in the manufacturing industry, what are you waiting for? Let WIM know now, and submit a nomination! Keep in mind that nominations are not reserved for only those who work at manufacturers. Employees of foundations, associations, etc. are all eligible.

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Stephen LaMarca
Manufacturing Technology Analyst
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