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Industry Legends Receive Al Moore Award

At the recent MFG Meeting + MTForecast conference in Denver, Colorado, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology presented the Albert W. Moore AMT Leadership Award to two industry legends. 
Nov 30, 2021

At the recent MFG Meeting + MTForecast conference in Denver, Colorado, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology presented the Albert W. Moore AMT Leadership Award to two industry legends. Brian J. Papke, executive advisor to the board at Mazak Corp., and Lee B. Morris, chairman of Morris Group Inc., received the award for their impactful contributions to the industry throughout their careers. 

The Al Moore Award is given to members of the manufacturing technology community who have demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to the industry. Al Moore was executive vice president-operations for Gleason Corp. and former AMT president and board chairman, guiding the transformation to AMT from the National Machine Tool Builders Association.

“Like Al Moore, Brian Papke and Lee Morris are giants of the industry who embody the mission of the association,” says Douglas Woods, AMT president. “Throughout their long careers, they’ve been outstanding leaders and tireless advocates for advancing innovation in manufacturing technology.” 

Brian J. Papke was president at Mazak for 29 years until being named chairman in 2016. He had a long career in the machine tool industry, beginning with a management training program and progressing through various sales and management positions until eventually becoming president at Mazak. While at Mazak, Papke helped the company develop a lean manufacturing approach, implement their digital integration of the factory, and create multiple technology centers across North America. He was also a long-standing AMT board member.

Brian Papke (left) accepts his award from AMT President Doug Woods.

“I couldn't be more proud and honored than to have an award with Al Moore’s name attached to it,” Papke says. “I worked with him to write a new strategic plan that led to the creation of AMT. Al was the glue that kept everything together and moved the association into a progressive direction. I have tremendous respect for him.”

After sales experience with IBM, Lee Morris joined his parent’s machine tool distribution business in 1968. Under his leadership, family enterprise has grown consistently. Now under third generation leadership, Morris Group, Inc. employs over 800 people devoted to serving the machine tool user throughout North America. Lee Morris has served as Chairman of the American Machine Tool Distributors Association and as a 2 term Board Member of the Association for Manufacturing Technology.

“I've been in the industry for more than 53 years and built a business consistently during that time,” Morris says. “‘Grow or Die’ has been a core business belief I’ve stuck with. Receiving the Al Moore Award now is very fulfilling.”

Lee Morris (left) accepts his award from AMT President Doug Woods.

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Kathy Keyes Webster
Managing Editor – Content
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