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Leaders Learn From Leaders at MFG 2024

Manufacturing leaders will share their insights and hard-earned lessons with others at MFG 2024 in Orlando. Special sessions explore leadership transition strategies, unveil forecasts from Pat McGibbon, and honor exemplary leaders like Ralph Hegman.
Mar 05, 2024

Year after year, leaders in manufacturing return to AMT’s MFG Meeting, drawn by the opportunity to engage and glean insights from their industry peers. At The 2024 MFG Meeting, held April 24-26 in Orlando, Florida, at the Signia Resort by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, the agenda will be rich with presentations on leadership – a recurring theme that underscores the importance of collective wisdom in driving industry progress.

The MFG Meeting provides a two-day overview of the trends and issues impacting manufacturing businesses. Attendees get topline information on technology, economics, and government issues from leading experts. Built-in networking events provide further opportunities to talk one on one with other leaders. Armed with their collective intel, attendees will be prepared to adjust their businesses for whatever is to come.

“I attend The MFG Meeting to catch up on what’s happening in the industry through economic forecasts and data but also to talk to and learn from a broad group of industry leaders from all areas of manufacturing – software to machine tools and beyond,” says Joe Braun, senior vice president at HURCO. “All the top industry leaders attend The MFG Meeting, and there’s a lot of knowledge we can share with each other.”

Leadership Transitions

Ralph Hegman, founder of Hegman Machine Tool (acquired by the Morris Group in 2013), will lead a panel discussion about the importance of an orderly leadership transition with Robert Gross, co-founder of Prairie Capital Advisors, and Steve Gray, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and "Wart Hog" A-10 fighter pilot.

“There can be leadership transition problems in the industry when a founder or manager is ready for retirement but either doesn’t bow out gracefully or leaves the unprepared company to languish,” Hegman says. “We will discuss how to develop a transition plan, then commit to the agreement and timeframe for a smooth transition.”

Leadership Award

Hegman knows the value of effective leadership firsthand, not only as a company founder but as the facilitator for three AMT Leadership groups, which unite both seasoned and emerging leaders to exchange ideas, expand networks, and cultivate skills to advance the industry. In addition, Hegman is a committee member of AMT’s Distribution Group, a board member and advisor to Kurt Machining, and the facilitator of the Kurt Machining leadership group.

In recognition of his lifelong commitment to manufacturing leadership and service to the industry, AMT will honor Hegman with the Albert W. Moore AMT Leadership Award at The 2024 MFG Meeting. The Al Moore Award is given to members of the manufacturing technology community who have demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to the industry. The award is named after Al Moore, who was the executive vice president-operations for Gleason Corp. and a former AMT president and board chairman.

A Leader’s Predictions

The 2024 MFG Meeting will feature a live version of the new IMTS+ video series “The World According To…” with former AMT Chief Knowledge Officer Pat McGibbon. Based on his decades of experience analyzing economic data and interviewing manufacturers, McGibbon will share his predictions on some big changes that will impact the manufacturing industry in the next few years.

“There will be shifts in the business processes, economic trends, and technologies that affect manufacturing markets,” McGibbon says. “As new innovations open opportunities for higher productivity, the market will need to change the way it makes, sells, and services products over the next decade. This information will help leaders consider business strategies to address impending changes and increase their profitability.”

For more details about The 2024 MFG Meeting and to register to attend, visit the website.

Christopher Downs
Director, Audience Development
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