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Sparking Solutions: Welcome Cathy Ma, AMT’s Newest Vice President

Cathy Ma’s background in digital marketplace development and brand growth, combined with her passion for all things manufacturing, make her uniquely qualified to help AMT grow the industry as the new vice president of integrated product solutions.
Oct 30, 2023

Cathy Ma has a spark. It’s difficult to quantify but easy to see. When you mention an intractable challenge, she lights up with potential solutions. As AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology’s new vice president of integrated product solutions,Ma will be applying both her expertise and her enthusiasm to growing the manufacturing community.  

Previously the vice president of platform growth and engagement at Xometry and Thomasnet.com (which was acquired by Xometry), Ma has an impressive track record in growth and development of the digital marketplace. She has used targeted content to advocate for manufacturing — highlighting timely topics ranging from supply chain intelligence to women in manufacturing.  

At AMT, Ma will be focusing on amplifying our content and harmonizing key efforts to grow the manufacturing industry. From extending the high-quality content on IMTS+ to using data to better meet the individualized needs of members, she will serve as an integral connection between our robust content, audience development, marketing, and IT teams. 

“Cathy Ma is an exciting addition to our AMT team,” says AMT President Douglas K. Woods. “She has an impressive background in global marketing and brand growth combined with targeted expertise in manufacturing technology. Her leadership and passion will help us grow our digital marketplace and deliver more custom content so members can grow their businesses.” He adds, “To put it more simply, she is a doer, and I know she will help our members do more, learn more, and grow more.” 

A native of Hong Kong, one of Ma’s earliest memories is exploring her grandfather’s toy factory, which grew over the years to include nearly 3,000 employees. When Ma earned a scholarship to Kings College, she moved to London where she achieved her second master’s degree and launched her career with positions in media, marketing, social media, and digital marketplace development. Transitioning to the manufacturing industry has allowed her to merge her passion for audience development with her longstanding belief that manufacturing is the foundation of a strong economy.  

“I look forward to helping spread the word about the immense power of manufacturing — for young people, for women, for people of color, for disadvantaged communities, for economic growth, and for the future of success of America,” Ma concludes. “AMT and IMTS have the knowledge, skills, and platforms to help the manufacturing community reach its full potential. I’ve been a member of AMT, and I’m so thrilled to now be a part of an organization with a powerful mission — to move manufacturing forward.” 

Ma is ready to help AMT members grow their businesses with custom content, actionable data, and unique access to a community like no other. We hope you’ll join us in giving her a giant manufacturing welcome.  

You can reach Cathy Ma at CMa@amtonline.org.  

Travis Egan
Chief Revenue Officer
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