Why You Should Study Robotics Today

Let’s begin by understanding what a robot is. A robot is a physical device programmed by humans to follow a set of instructions with high precision. Additionally, it could be enabled by AI, deep learning, in particular, to perform tasks that it...
May 26, 2020

Why You Should Study Robotics Today

Updated: May 28

Robotics is a mix of engineering, science, and arts that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, programming, and psychology. So why should you study Robotics?

Let’s begin by understanding what a robot is. A robot is a physical device programmed by humans to follow a set of instructions with high precision. Additionally, it could be enabled by AI, deep learning, in particular, to perform tasks that it has not been previously programmed to do. Consequently, with the growth of robotics as a field, there is a development in career opportunities and students interested in pursuing this line of work.

Here you have four reasons to pursue this outstanding specialization:

1. Numerous opportunities available

This is surely the most relevant reason for you to pursue this career path. You should only start with it if the ROI fits your expectations. This being said, robotics is a field with an ever-growing number of job opportunities and facilities provided to those who enter in it. The sector is gaining attention as the days go by and certainly becoming relevant to public and private sector alike.

2. It is a multidisciplinary field

Robotics is a mix of many different fields. You will require to have a knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, as well as computer science & cognitive psychology. The field also overlaps largely with artificial intelligence, mechatronics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.

The aim is simple: by studying this field you will design human-oriented tools to improve our daily tasks, which means you will need to understand humans and robots side-by-side and in an equal manner.

3. It is an extremely creative and interesting field

Robotics is moving forward at light’s speed. This ensures there is room for creativity and critical thinking, out of the box initiatives and extraordinary procedures that will do wonders to keep you engage for years.

The monotony of daily tasks does not appear so commonly in robotics. Every day is a new learning experience and development takes places with the constant evolution of technology. In simple terms, getting bored is out of the equation! Bear in mind that emerging technologies will constantly appear defeating the limits of what we know as impossible today, which will become routine tomorrow.

4. You will have plenty of room for innovation

There are currently many ongoing robotics competitions, such as the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Extremely talented individuals, from well-known powerful and innovative companies face off trying to create the most impressive pieces of robotics.

That said, there is always room for improvement. Imagine if you could contribute to making a robot capable of going on space exploration missions. The room for innovation is there. The only thing missing is that you, and others like you, contribute their creative intelligence and genius to the entire effort and find new ways to innovate.

What does a robotics career consist of?

The Robotics career consists of creating robots to carry out specific activities, and these will vary with the type of robot itself.

What are some of the specializations to be pursued?

Home automation

Capable of automating a home or building of any kind. This contributes to the main energy management, security, wellness, and communication services.


Specialized in the creation of autonomous or mobile remote control robots designed for military applications. They are applies in functions such as transport, search, rescue, and attack.

Industrial & MedTech

This branch helps us with the study, design, and use of robots for the execution of industrial & medical processes.


This branch focuses on the manufacture of miniature devices that solve problems of maximum precision.

What is the profile for a student to pursue such a career path?

You must be a versatile professional with a solid technical background in electronics, mechanics, industry, and automatic computing. Additionally, you should be well-versed with applied psychological and sociological concepts and theories.

You will need to be in charge of managing multidisciplinary projects, supported by experts in these different fields.

Also, you will need to be curious about how the devices are built and interested in understanding the principles of their operation.

As a graduate student, these are some of the sectors you will be more demanded in terms of future employment opportunities.

  • Mining industry

  • Telecommunications

  • Forest industry

  • Food Engineering

  • Industrial engineering

  • Space exploration

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation


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