The Cutting Tool Product Group Survey is a complete web based data entry and reporting system that tracks market statistics for a multitude of prismatic and turning type cutting tools.  Market reports display detailed time series data based on product category and geography, which allows users to benchmark individual company performance against the market overall.  New reports are published monthly and are available to all participants of the program.


CTPG survey features:

  • Timely reports – By expending considerable effort developing the program online, AMT and the Cutting Tool Product Group have all but eliminated any lag time between collecting and reporting data.  As a result, the reports for any given month will be available in as little as two weeks after the end of the month.  Reports will never take more than a month to be released.

  • Accurate data – The Product Group, made up of cutting tool manufacturers, custom-tailored the program to meet the needs of the industry.  The AMT staff is administering the survey work under the continued oversight of the product group, which allows them to address issues proactively as they become known.

  • Low cost – Participation in the survey is free for AMT members and non-members alike.  The only obligation for companies wishing to view the reports is to contribute their own data to the survey.

Participants in the program have the ability to zero in on monthly market conditions for the cutting tool products they manufacture.


Products Covered:

Inserts for Stationary Tools
Inserts for Threading, Grooving, &
Inserts for Milling
Inserts for Drilling
Milling Tools (excluding inserts)
Tool holders for Milling
Turning Tools (excluding inserts)
Taps and Dies
Saw Blades
Gear Cutters
Grinding Wheels & Other Abrasives
Boring Heads and Tools
Other Cutting Tools


For more information or to register for participation please visit: