"I am proud to have served in the manufacturing technology industry going on 48 years and soon to be 23 IMTS’. When the Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer program came about in 1993, I quickly signed on for the first class and became a Founding Member, maintaining active membership and participation. Wow! Has it been 25 years?

CMTSE founding principles have not changed over the years and the reasons to become a CMTSE today carry the same justification in setting oneself apart from all the rest. The CMTSE designation brings credibility to an industry that is quick to designate the term engineer broadly and often without background or achievement. The title Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer is credible tying the person to an industry sanctioned certification program that is professionally managed and validates technical competency across a wide range of technologies.
CMTSE ………. It just means more!"

   R. Stephen Flynn, CMTSE
   President Optical Gaging Products (OGP)
   Sr. Vice President Quality Vision International Inc.

   CMTSE since 1993

"CMTSE, when first proposed to me over 20 years ago, was a chance to earn Certification in what I thought was a very niche industry of Machine Tools.  I now realize that our little niche is actually where the rubber hits the road when it comes to Manufacturing of all things created by humans.  This is what has kept me in this industry and both challenged and satisfied me professionally all these years.  

Coming to Sales from Applications Engineering I thought the Exam would be a breeze.  I was aiming to show up all those “Sales types” with my score.  I was humbled to realize there was a lot more breadth to this Certification than I thought.  I did pass, and will keep my score to myself.   Since then I have come to respect the many others (in various disciplines) who have earned this certification.  I also get the chance every few years to be reminded of the importance of maintaining my certification by continued education and also giving back.  Over the years I have seen how much effort has been put into maintaining and keeping the exam relevant to modern industry and technology.  Kudos to those AMT members who have put that time in!

If you have not thought about earning CMTSE or have been putting it off, I urge you to take that step.  Don’t do it for the “credentials”, do it for yourself and for those you are serving.  You WILL BE better for it and others WILL SEE the additional value from you.

   Tim Thiessen, CMTSE
   Vice President of Sales & Marketing

   CMTSE since 1997

"I’ve been in the machine tool business less than 5 years. Soon after I started I noticed that most of Technical Equipment’s top performing Sales Engineers were CMTSEs. As a manager I felt that I needed to understand what set them apart and wanted to know if the CMTSE certification played a role in their success. Accordingly, I went through the preparation process and took the CMTSE exam.  It was very apparent that this certification involved much more than just knowing machine tools.  To pass this exam you have to understand the industry, territory management, metrology, machine construction, as well as many other manufacturing disciplines.  This certification is truly a differentiator among salesmen in our industry. Anyone that is able to obtain the CMTSE should be proud of that accomplishment.

I feel that having sales staff that has earned this certification is important to our success. Every Sales Engineer that we hire will either be a CMTSE or will go through the program. Last year we put 5 employees through and this year 3 more take the test in February 2018.

I am thankful to those who put this certification together. Knowingly or not, they perpetuated excellence in our industry. We are pleased that AMT manages this program to help with the development of staff.  

Obtaining CMTSE certification is a must for every Sales Engineer who wants to see success.

   Tom Nugen, CMTSE
   Sales Manager
   Technical Equipment
   CMTSE since 2015


Ronnie D. Ehler, CMTSE
"The CMTSE program gives me a great sense of personal achievement and prepares me to help my customers in a variety of ways. And when I need help internally, I know a fellow CMSTE is able and willing to help me.”

   Ronnie D. Ehler, CMTSE
   Sales Engineer
   Hartwig, Inc.
   CMTSE since 1998

Nick Berilla, CMTSE“The CMTSE program sets a standard of “excellence” for us and our peers. It takes dedication and study to become and stay a true professional. Even though our customers may never know what it means to have the CMTSE on our business cards or our machine tool quotes, the bottom line is that they receive more value from us professionally than they would from someone else.”

   Nick Berilla, CMTSE
   Sales Engineer
   Hartwig, Inc.
   CMTSE since 1998 


What does CMTSE mean to me and my company?  “Peace of mind comes up quickly.  A better prepared sales individual.  One who is capable to analyze what a customer’s needs actually are, come up with a real solution and implement the same.  We all hope that this happens each and every time, but it doesn’t.  CMTSE increases the potential of it happening.  Can we quantify this, not really, or perhaps the customers can.

When you see and hear from your customers that they appreciate what has occurred in the past, you know you and your personnel have earned their trust.  When this happens you have made the right decision.  You have trained your people well and have been rewarded.  Having your sales personnel trained well, CMTSE is one of the important segments of this training.  Can you do without it, probably, but, your chances to succeed are greatly enhanced by spending the time and money to have your people obtain it.”

   Bruce Yeager
   Allegheny Machine Tool Systems
   AMTDA member since 1994


“The CMTSE training contains the majority of the critical information that a Sales Engineer requires to be successful in this industry.  Mac-Tech has found a clear and distinctive correlation between our top performers and our sales engineers who did well on this training – they are one in the same.  This study program has become a requirement for our sales engineers and should be strongly considered by any distributor who wants to add the one factor that will differentiate their people in the field – professionalism.”

   Bradley Peterson, CMTSE
   Vice President of Sales & Marketing
   Machine Tool Technologies, Inc. - Mac-Tech
  CMTSE since 2007


   Became a CMTSE in 1994

"The CMTSE program has provided an impartial, objective measure of my competence and professionalism in the areas of knowledge of machine-tool technology and administration skills ranging from sales and economics to manufacturing methods and CNC technology."

"I interface with many of our distributors/business partners on a daily basis.  This program and certification process strengthened this partnership as well as our position with our customers.  For those individuals that are CMTSE certified this program has helped me understand what knowledge level and commitment they have taken as well as their well deserved sense of personal achievement."

"The CMTSE program helped me evaluate and identify my strengths and weaknesses for improvement and additional training requirements." 

"This was much more than just studying and taking a simple exam for certification.  This requires all individuals to put forth a sincere effort to increase the skills and knowledge of excellent business practices in our related field of machine tools.  My hats off to anyone making the time and energy commitments to strengthen their skills and knowledge position that plays a vital role in our country’s manufacturing economic future. Thank you AMTDA for a well organized/professional program!

   Bill Clinkenbeard
   NW Regional Manager
   Fives Machining Systems, Inc.
   Became a CMTSE in 2001