CMTSEs Share Their Opinions

The Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer (CMTSE) designation is more than just five letters on a business card. Since its inception twenty years ago, CMTSEs have cited the program as an unparalleled opportunity to learn about their chosen field, position themselves for greater professional development, enhance the status of their companies, and achieve recognition for this personal accomplishment. Today, CMTSE participants admittedly are registering for a variety of reasons and receiving their own personal benefits by participating.

"Certification is Validation"

At Taylor Hobson, they found customers seeking internal certifications and felt they should do likewise. As Ed Galzin, Regional Sales Manager, noted, "Certification is validation that one is dealing with a credible source, which is what CMTSE certification means to me."

Many CMTSEs derive value from the exam preparation process through a review of the two-volume study guide, which covers subjects in both sales and technology. Scott Zavala, Sales Engineer, Haas Factory Outlet, stated, "I got into the machine tool industry three years ago and didn't know anything about CNC machines.

It took me about six months to pick up the terminology and speak to a prospect in a somewhat educated manner. In studying for the exam, I learned more than in my entire first year in the industry. I wish that I had taken it sooner."

"Fastest way to Further My Career"

Troy Kattenhorn, Sales Representative, Foothills Machinery Sales, who said he took the exam because he felt it would be the best and fastest way to further his career, concurred. "I learned things that I probably wouldn't have by just working in the field. It forced me to go into depth in the subjects in which I wasn't very strong."

And, Dean Coughenour, Sales Engineer, Hartwig, felt the program was beneficial because he learned about fabricating processes, noting he can now assist the fabricating department at Hartwig, and help "turn leads into sales."

"Best Educational Opportunity"

Steve Meussling, Sales Engineer, GE Machine Tool Services, also felt the study process was the best part of the examination. He added, "I strongly believe in the need for some sort of benchmark in this industry. Our customers' knowledge and awareness is evolving at an incredible pace, and their needs and demands are for knowledge and consultative partnership as well. Continuing education opportunities in our field are few. The CMTSE is becoming one of the best."

"Learned Things I can Use Right Away"

David Hope, Sales Engineer, Quality Systems Co., felt the exam ultimately provided him with a great deal of confidence. "I learned something of value that I could put to use right away in daily sales calls."