CMTSE -- you've achieved the machine tool industry's only nationally recognized credential for professional sales engineers. You enrich the machine tool industry with your professionalism, demonstrated expertise and personal commitment to continuing education.

With this distinction comes a responsibility to periodically renew your professional designation through "recertification."

As continuing education is a hallmark of the CMTSE Program, recertification documents and validates the educational and professional activities you accomplish during each three-year CMTSE renewal cycle.

For recertification, a total of 27 Professional Development Points (PDPs) are required from among the four developmental categories listed below.
Experience Point Index

Outside Sales Capacity - Functioning in an outside sales/sales support capacity. Must be machine tool sales related activity
---------------------------------------------- 1 point per year; maximum 3 points

Maintaining CMTSE - Maintaining the CMTSE designation.
---------------------------------------------- 1 point after 6 years; 2 points for 9+ years.

Company Promotion - Promotion within company.
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points

Formal Award - A formal award by an individual distributor, builder or customer as outstanding salesperson of the year.
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per year

Informal Award - An informal acknowledgment for a company recognized level of performance such as top salesperson of a product line within a distributor company or for a builder.
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per year

Improve Sales Process - Developing or implementing improvements to the company's selling process. (Examples: implementing a territory/sales/lead tracking system.) Employer documentation is required.
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per company improvement

Sales Accomplishment - Documented major sales accomplishment. Must exceed previous company record.
(Examples: largest sale in company history.)
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per accomplishment

Show Participation - Active participation in a builder or distributor booth during an industry trade show.
--------------------------------------------------- 1 point per 1-2 day show;
2 points per 3+ day show; maximum 8 points

Show Logistics Coordinator - Serve as the key individual responsible for trade show booth logistic set-up and dismantle.
-------------------------------------------------- Maximum 2 points

Customer Endorsement Form - Completion of three CMTSE Customer Endorsement Forms.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per three (3) Forms; maximum 3 points
Education and Training Point Index

Association Workshop - Completion of an industry related association workshop or seminar.
(Examples: SME, AMT, PMA, FMA)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per day; 1/2 point per half day; maximum 8 points

Association Meeting - Attendance at a local or national association chapter or regional meeting. (Examples: SME, NCS)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per day; 1/2 point per half day; maximum 8 points

Product Training - Participation in formal product training conducted at a builder's facility.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per day; 1/2 point per half day; maximum 8 points.

In-house Seminar - Completion of an in-house seminar organized by a distributor or builder on an industry or sales-related subject.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per day; 1/2 point per half day; maximum 8 points.

Local Ed. Program - Participation in a local education or training program. on industry or sales-related topic.
(Examples: Chamber of Commerce program, Dale Carnegie workshop.)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per day; 1/2 point per half day; maximum 8 points.

College Degree - Completion of a bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. degree from an accredited institution during the most recent recertification cycle.
-------------------------------------------------- 5 points

Associate's Degree - Completion of an associate's degree from an accredited institution during the most recent recertification cycle.
-------------------------------------------------- 4 points

College Class - Completion of a college-level class in an industry related discipline with a passing grade of "C" or above. (PDP points will not be awarded during the same semester as degree is achieved.)
--------------------------------------------------- 2 points per class

Correspondence Course - Completion of a correspondence course in an industry related discipline.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per course

CMTSE Study Guide - Full review of the CMTSE Study Guide updates starting with the 2013 edition.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per recertification cycle

MTUniversity Additive Manufacturing - Online Training (4 classes)
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per course

MTUniversity Quality Suite - Online Training - Online Training (10 classes)
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per course

MTUniversity Technology Fundamentals - Online Training (Refresher 50-class bundle)
-------------------------------------------------- 2 Points

Professional Service Point Index

Association Membership - Individual membership in an industry-related association. (Examples: SME, NCS, ASQC)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per organization

Committee Member - Active member of an industry-related association committee or task force. (Examples: AMT, SME, NCS, PMA)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per committee per year

Elected/Appointed Office - Hold elected/appointed office in an industry-related national or regional association.
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points maximum

Advisory Committee - Appointment and active participation on a distributor, builder or customer advisory committee.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per committee

CMTSE Committee Member - Participate in study guide and exam update
-------------------------------------------------- 3 points per content update; 2 points for exam piloting

Community Event - Participate in a community-related event promoting the machine tool industry. (Examples: science fair, career day, vocation school program)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per day

Study Advisor - Serve as a Certification study advisor; lead periodic study sessions for CMTSE candidates.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per group; minimum 4 hours instruction.

Instruct Course - Organize and instruct a seminar or course in machine tool related area. Preparation time and presentation time must be minimum of five hours.
-------------------------------------------------- 2 points per course

Professional Contributions Point Index

Exam Questions - Submission of five CMTSE exam questions. (Contact AMT for guidelines.)
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point

Article/Paper - Publication of an article, paper or document on machine tool industry-related topic, in acknowledged industry source of information. (Examples: industry trade magazines, association newsletters)
-------------------------------------------------- 3 points

Develop Seminar - Develop an original seminar for new technology and sales techniques. (Examples: customer program on new tooling applications.)
-------------------------------------------------- 3 points

Open House Demonstration - Conduct demonstrations on new technology for customers during company open house.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per demonstration; maximum 8 points

Showroom/Plant Demonstrations - Customer demonstration within a distributor or builder facility conducted independent of an open house.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per demonstration; maximum 8 points.

Recruit CMTSE Candidates - Recruit new candidates into the CMTSE program. Provide registered candidates name, company and e-mail address for verification.
-------------------------------------------------- 1 point per candidate; 3 points maximum.

CMTSE exam proctor - Proctor A CMTSE candidate during a CMTSE testing session
-------------------------------------------------- 3 points per exam, 5 maximum.
Other Professional Development Points

To inquire about a PDP value for a special CMTSE accomplishment, provide a written request and include all supporting detail (i.e., certificates, letters etc.).

Notification of approval for special PDP requests will be provided by AMT under the supervision of the Certification Committee. Pre-approval of special activities is recommended.

If you prefer using the Recertification Score Card in Excel format, please contact Clara Mora, Smartforce Development Administrator at