"Recertification offers a measurement of the professional growth of those who proudly carry the designation"
-Bob Braund, CMTSE, R.O. Deaderick

Overview and Fees

Certified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineers (CMTSEs) are a select group of individuals practicing within the machine tool industry.  CMTSEs demonstrate through personal experience, education, and testing, their knowledge of manufacturing technology sales. The CMTSE recertification process reinforces these strengths by requiring ongoing educational and professional growth. 

The fee to renew is $150 per person.

Professional Development Points (PDPs)

CMTSEs are awarded in three-year terms and recertification occurs at the end of the third year by documenting PDPs that the CMTSE has accumulated over the certification term. PDPs are recognized in four areas: experience, education and training, professional service, and professional contributions. A total of 27 PDPs are necessary to renew the CMTSE credential. What qualifies as a PDP?

At the conclusion of the three-year certification period, CMTSEs submit a recertification scorecard to renew the credential for an additional three-year term. CMTSEs are encouraged to record PDP activities as they are completed, over the course of their three-year certification term; however, scorecards may be completed at the time of renewal, every three years. View a sample recertification scorecard.

Recertification Deadlines

  • CMTSEs who certified (or recertified) in 2018: Recertification is due by November 1, 2021
  • CMTSEs who certified (or recertified) in 2019: Recertification is due by November 1, 2022
  • CMTSEs who certify (or recertify) in 2020: Recertification is due by November 1, 2024

Renew Your CMTSE Credential

  1. Review the list of qualifying PDPs so you know in advance which activities you will include on the scorecard.
  2. Go to the online recertification scorecard. You will need to log in, so have your user ID and password ready or request a reset.
  3. Review the scorecard instructions, then click proceed to the application to record your PDPs. Note: The AMT website auto-saves your input; completion in one sitting is not required.
  4. Complete the form and then click compile scorecards to preview your input.  If your preview appears accurate, scroll down to officially sign off on your scorecard and then click submit scorecard and pay the recertification fee.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to pay the $150 recertification fee by credit card. Need an invoice? Contact Catherine Ross.