The machine tool industry demands excellence from providers of manufacturing technology solutions. As technologies advance, qualified professionals with a mastery of sales, business, and technical skills - all central to the CMTSE credential - are vital to the success of the sales engineer, his or her employer and customers, and the industry at-large.

Individual Benefits

  • Attainment of an industry-recognized, professional credential through a standardized national examination.
  • Demonstration of commitment to continuous professional development.
  • Career advancement opportunities afforded to those with advanced professional credentials.
  • Continuous recognition from AMT, the industry, and its media outlets, 
  • Respect from customers and prospective end users.
  • Access to the CMTSE Marketing Kit, complete with press release samples, reproducible CMTSE logos, marketing ideas, and a personalized, ready-to-frame CMTSE certificate.

Company Benefits

  • CMTSEs on staff provide a competitive edge by enhancing the company image.
  • CMTSEs utilize their skills and knowledge to achieve more in less time, promoting increased profit and gross margin.
  • This industry-developed credential is an impartial, objective indicator of sales engineers' competence and professionalism.
  • Customers enjoy confidence in the value-added benefit of working with a CMTSE, recognized for experience and committed to ongoing professional development.
  • CMTSE expertise strengthens builder-distributor relationships.
  • CMTSEs on staff demonstrate a company's commitment to quality, competence, and professionalism.

Customer Benefits

  • CMTSEs provide objective Assurance of CMTSEs' knowledge of business practices, current technology, and manufacturing economics.
  • CMTSEs are trusted business advisors.
  • CMTSEs deliver solution-oriented engineering expertise in the latest manufacturing technology.
  • CMTSEs demonstrate a personal commitment to customized solutions and prfessional excellence.