USMTO - U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders - AMT

USMTO is a project of AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology that provides the most up-to-date statistics for the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian manufacturing technology market.

Manufacturers and distributors of machine tools and other various types of manufacturing technology participate in the USMTO program.

As a participant of the USMTO program you will have access to the most current and comprehensive machine tool market information. Participants in the program have the ability to zero in on market conditions for the products they manufacture or carry. Statistical reports slice the manufacturing technology market by several sections including product statistics over time, by geography, and even customizable territory areas.

USMTO covers metal cutting, metal forming, and other manufacturing technology including:

Boring and Drilling Machines
Honing & Lapping Machines
Machining Centers
Sawing and Cutoff Machines
Broaching Machines
Assembly Machines
Software and CAD/CAM
Punching & Shearing MachinesGrinding Machines
Milling Machines
Station Type Machines
EDM Machines
Press Brakes
Bending & Rolling Machines
Inspection Equipment
Filtration & Cleaning Machines
Material Handling Machines


There is no fee to participate in the program. You are eligible to receive reports when you have contributed your orders data to the program. Click here to schedule a live demo to see the benefits of participating!


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