AMT's Thread Rolling Market Data Survey is an effort by executives like yourself in the thread rolling industry to provide you with the earliest possible signal on the current trends in your marketplace.  You will finally be able to gauge whether changes in your business levels are part of an overall market trend or a change in your market share.

The monthly reports will provide you with domestic shipments and exports on the following thread rolling categories: 

  • Head Rolls
  • End Rolling Heads
  • Two Roll Slide Rolling Attachments
  • Attachment Rolls
  • Secondary Operations – Cylindrical, Flat and Planetary

The report is free, but available only to those who participate. Only contributors receive the aggregate data published in this report. You do not need to be a member of AMT to participate in this statistical program. To sign up for this program, or if you have questions about it, contact Jonathan Nguyen at or 703-827-5268.