Information for AMT members:

All Chinese nationals wishing to visit the U.S. require a visa. To obtain a visa, Chinese nationals must appear in person at the appropriate U.S. Consulate for an applicant interview. The interview, which may be as brief as two to three minutes, plays a critical part in determining whether the applicant will be issued a visa. Frequently, applicants bring an Invitation Letter with them from a U.S. supplier or business partner. AMT is here to help our members craft this letter should you company be asked to supply one.

The U.S. Visa sections are very concerned about ongoing issues of fraudulent visa requests that have included altered or forged Letters of Invitation from American companies. While no guarantee can be made that a visa will be granted, taking the time to follow these suggestions while writing an Invitation Letter helps provide credibility to your applicant:

Suggested security measures to include on your letter are:

  • Printing the letter on special paper that is rendered void if copied, scanned, or faxed
  • Imprinting the letter with a raised corporate seal
  • Signing the letter in blue ink by the President or Vice President-Business Development
  • Assigning the letter a unique serial number, in blue ink
  • Forwarding a list of those to whom letters are issued to the appropriate U.S. Embassy representatives in China
  • Never fax or email a copy of your letter. Only deliver originals directly by mail
If you want some ideas for the content of the letter, a simple Google search of "visa invitation letter template" will bring up many which you can customize. 

Applicants can schedule meetings with AMT representatives in China who can explain the process and help them know what to expect at their interview at the U.S. Embassy. AMT strongly recommends that you involve us in the process of requesting a visa for Chinese nationals to visit the U.S. AMT has worked with the U.S. Embassies in China in order to improve a legitimate visitor’s likelihood of being granted a U.S. visa.


For non-members or for more information:

AMT visa services and international staff are for the use of AMT members and their customers only.  If you are not an AMT member, the following office may be able to help you.

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Visa Services
Public Inquiries Division
China Bus. Tel: 202-663-3198
Public Inq. Tel: 202-663-1225
Fax: 202-663-3899


Sources of visa information for foreign citizens to come to the United States:

Consular Affairs    
Visitor Visas 
Visa Types
Visa Wait Times
Locate U.S. Embassies/Consulates Abroad 

U.S. Department of State Contact Information:
China Business Travel:
Tel: 202-663-3198

The US-China Business Visa Initiative assists businesses in the United States by explaining the visa process when they invite current and prospective Chinese business clients and partners to the United States. This effort involves providing information to U.S. companies about the visa process for visitor visa (B-1) applicants seeking to travel from China to the U.S. for business purposes. The business visa group will work with both the companies and the consular officers to communicate information effectively between U.S businesses and the Embassy and four Consulates in China.

Visa public information:
Tel.: 202-663-1225

General visa information via taped messages, with an option to speak with an officer. Information is also available on all types of visas on the Visa Services website.