Our Business Review Day will give your company valuable face time with industry and market experts who act as your consultants for the day. High-level AMT staff will analyze your business plan, product lines, marketing and sales efforts, or any other topic that is important to you. AMT members are consistently satisfied with the results from Business Review Day sessions and frequently recommend this service to others.

Please note that a company can bring as many staff members with them as they desire. The company’s owner or CEO is required to attend to make the day as beneficial as possible. The sessions are held at our McLean, Virginia offices just out of Washington, DC. They typically start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM. AMT provides a continental breakfast and a working lunch; you are responsible for airfare and lodging expenses. To help us prepare for a productive review day, we ask you to complete our confidential questionnaire at least three weeks prior to your session – along with as much product literature as possible.

To set up a Business Development Review Day contact Ed Christopher at 703-827-5296 or echristopher@AMTonline.org 

Develop Your International Business Strategy:

Market Penetration Strategy Development and Review Sessions - Designed to help AMT members develop or validate and invigorate their sales and marketing strategy overseas. These sessions are held in China, Mexico, India, Brazil, and Europe with AMT's key staff abroad.