Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

A panel of manufacturing and information technology experts discusses the current issues in cyber security in manufacturing. I.T. security has evolved and impacts all aspects of an organization. Operational technologies have seen significant growth due to the increase in the demand for digital manufacturing. Companies applying measures from the world of I.T. may leave gaps in the O.T. Moderator: John Turner Panelist: Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, N.I.S.T. Date: August 17, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. ET

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Webinar Recording

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Meet our Speakers!

Robert Albach

Mr. Albach is responsible for industrial security coordination across Cisco and is also product manager for Snort. He joined Cisco in 2010 when he defined and delivered three network security solutions with the most recent - Cisco’s first Industrial Security Appliance. He is a Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker and has spoken at Hannover Messe Industrie, S4 industrial security conferences. He authored the security architecture portion of the 2019 iNEMI Manufacturing Roadmap, and chairs the security section of the SEMI Manufacturing Program. Prior to his Cisco tenure, he guided the IPS Management solutions and low end IPS solutions for Intrusion Prevention pioneer TippingPoint. Outside of network security, Mr. Albach has lead product management efforts in the application management space at IBM/Tivoli; BMC; and Quest Software.

John Turner

Mr. Turner is the Director of Technology for FA Consulting & Technology (FAC&T) and member of the MTConnect Institute. Mr. Turner was one of the team members at the start of the development of MTConnect and has spent his entire career in the field of industrial automation, machine tools, and control technologies.   He spent over 30 years with GE and GE Fanuc Automation in a wide variety of management roles in sales, marketing, product development and operations.   While at GE Fanuc, Mr. Turner’s team developed and deployed the first commercially available MTConnect Agent/Adapter called mi-Link. Additionally, he was previously Vice President of Engineering and COO for CimWorks, a subsidiary of GE Fanuc Automation providing hardware and software solutions for the Statistical Process Control (SPC Quality) market. In 2009, Mr. Turner formed FAC&T where he applies his knowledge and expertise to advancing the state of manufacturing technology specializing in the area of shop floor productivity.

Michael Muckin

Mr. Muckin is an LM Fellow and has been the lead Cyber Security Architect for Lockheed Martin’s Digital Transformation programs for the past 5 years. He has led the design, development and deployment of the Intelligent Factory Framework – an enterprise edge-compute platform that secures, scales and standardizes device connectivity – across seven LM facilities, and eventually across the entire company. Michael is the Cybersecurity representative on LM’s Enterprise Architecture Working Group, ensuring cyber security integration across LM’s strategic technology portfolio and roadmaps. Michael is the co-lead of the National Defense Information Sharing and Analytics Center (NDISAC) Zero Trust Architecture working group, was a prior member of the MTConnect security working group, and has been a speaker at the AMT International Manufacturing Technology Show, the Industry of Things World Conference, as well as security-focused conferences such as Black Hat and RSA.

Nate Price

Mr. Price is the IT Director at Task Force Tips, a worldwide leader in firefighting technology. In his 22 years at TFT he has held several positions including CNC Programmer, Production Engineer and Software Developer, playing a key role implementing several machine tool and software solutions. He manages a team maintaining custom software solutions for many internal company functions for the single-site vertically integrated manufacturer. He has written several applications to automate and improve production processes and to improve communication between machine tools and peripheral devices. He represents TFT as a member of the MTConnect Standards Committee, and is active in multiple working groups.