Commercial Affiliate Membership

Who is eligible to be a Commercial Affiliate?

Membership is available for a U.S. based company, a designated U.S. subsidiary, or a designated U.S. marketing representative of a company (if applicant company is a non-U.S. parent company entity, said entity must have been engaged outside the U.S. for at least three (3) years preceding the application submission; U.S. based entities for at least one (1) year) in the manufacturing technology industry in one of the following areas: 1. The media or reporting on manufacturing trends and events. 2. A supplier of financial services/support to AMT members to improve their sales and marketing efforts. 3. A provider of other information, non-manufacturing software, or data to AMT members to improve their sales and marketing efforts

Application Process

Commercial Affiliate dues are $3,750. 1. Complete the online application 2. AMT’s internal membership committee reviews application and applicant’s product literature 3. Announcement to AMT membership, open for commentary for 30 days 4. AMT Board of Directors vote To apply, download the application and submit to Chrissie Hahn, Director - Sales & Membership at


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