Investment Community Affiliate Membership

Who is eligible for investment community affiliate membership?

The Investment Community Affiliate class of AMT membership accepts applications from investment banks, venture capital funds, family funds and corporate funds that maintain a stated focus on hard tech ventures. __AMT delivers value across the deal lifecycle__: 1. Pre-acquisition: Connect with experts during due diligence 2. Portfolio growth: Industry data and introductions to investment opportunities 3. Portfolio standardization: Access to custom research, comparative analysis, and technology solutions 4. Exit: Consulting offerings, strategic marketing for higher exit valuation, and access to the largest manufacturing technology show and audience through IMTS

Dues and Application Process

Investment Community Affiliate dues are $5,000. Application Process: 1. Complete the online application 2. AMT’s internal membership committee reviews application and applicant’s product literature 3. Announcement to AMT membership, open for commentary for 30 days 4. AMT Board of Directors vote Contact Chrissie Hahn, Director - Sales & Membership at to start the application process.


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