Regular Membership

Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is available to U.S.- based firms who design, build, sell, and service manufacturing technology. Manufacturing technology is defined as: machine tools (power-driven manufacturing machinery, not portable by hand, used in the process of transforming manmade materials into discrete durable goods) and related equipment, products, software or services (any products other than machine tools which are used in manufacturing discrete durable goods, including but not limited to automated assembly, integration, additive technologies, parts and components, accessories, attachments, tools and tooling, software, engineering and systems design services, and distribution and service support).

Application Process

1. Complete the online application 2. AMT’s internal membership committee reviews application and applicant’s product literature 3. Announcement to AMT membership, open for commentary for 30 days 4. AMT Board of Directors vote To apply, download the application and submit to Chrissie Hahn, Director - Sales & Membership at

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Member Dues

Annual dues are based upon date of application, total GLOBAL gross revenue, companies and locations under common control, and corporate ownership. For any questions, please contact Chrissie Hahn, Director - Sales & Membership at [](


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