Research and Education Affiliate Membership

Who is eligible to be a research and education affiliate?

The importance of maintaining a strong industrial base has been a key topic of discussion in both industry and government. AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology recognizes the need for our members to develop and deliver products that outpace global competitive offerings. The AMT Research & Education Affiliate category responds to this need. Qualifying organizations are those with a program structured to aid the advancement of the manufacturing technology industry. They will work in cooperation with AMT members to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing technology base. AMT Affiliates, therefore, are invited to join AMT with a common interest to: • Establish links between the R&D community, AMT members, AMT and other supporting organizations • Create collaborative opportunities to enhance member competitiveness • Assist in providing broad networking opportunities • Strengthen the image of AMT and the Affiliates • Promote opportunities for students in the manufacturing technology industry.

Application Process

There are no dues to join as an AMT Affiliate. 1. Complete the online application 2. AMT’s internal membership committee reviews application and applicant’s product literature 3. Announcement to AMT membership, open for commentary for 30 days 4. AMT Board of Directors vote To apply, download the application and submit to Chrissie Hahn, Director - Sales & Membership at


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