Interested in becoming a CMTSE?

Here's what you need to qualify for the certification.

CMTSE candidates must meet the following requirements: 1. MUST have no less than one year of outside sales experience for a manufacturing technology distributor or builder. 2. MUST meet one of the following: - Has completed four years of related manufacturing technology employment in applications, services, inside sales, training, and/or outside sales. - Has completed two years of related employment and hold undergraduate degree at an accredited institution. NOTE: Machinist experience may substitute for one year of related manufacturing technology employment.

Taking the Exam

Do you meet all the requirements? Here are the steps to enroll and take the exam.

Visit AMT’s learning management system, [MT University](, to register for the CMTSE certification exam. Registration secures a seat at an upcoming exam and provides access to the CMTSE Study Guide - the official exam prep course covering the best-in-class proficiencies of sales engineers across thirteen chapters in a structured, cloud-based format. Candidates should allow two months to complete the CMTSE Study Guide. The CMTSE certification exam is a 3-hour, online test that consists of 150 multiple-choice questions sourced directly from the CMTSE Study Guide. On exam day, candidates test under the supervision of an AMT-approved Exam Proctor. Candidates at AMT member companies may test at their local office; candidates at non-member companies test at the office of a local AMT member or CMTSE. ([Is my company a member?]( Upcoming exam dates include February 8, April 12, June 14, and October 11. Registration closes two months prior to each exam date. More dates will be posted in Summer 2023. __Enroll in an upcoming CMTSE certification exam:__ First, visit MT University to register and receive instant access to the CMTSE Study Guide. This requires creation of a free MT University account and payment of the CMTSE registration fee ($895 AMT members / $1,500 non-members). Next, send a PDF of your resume/CV to Include current and previous work experience (companies, locations, start/end dates, and responsibilities), education information (college/university names, dates of attendance, majors of study, and degrees/certificates received), and any other CMTSE-relevant information. AMT will refund payment and terminate access to the CMTSE Study Guide if your work/education experience do not meet the above qualifications.

Retakes, Transfers, and Refunds

Details and Fine Print

__Exam Date Transfers__ Transfers are considered only for extraordinary, justifying circumstances. A transfer request must include a statement documenting the reason, plus a $100 transfer fee. If approved, a transfer is a one-time option and valid only for the next scheduled exam. If a second transfer is required: a $150 transfer fee applies, and the candidate will be enrolled in the very next scheduled exam date. If the candidate fails to sit for this new exam date, his or her registration is void and all fees are forfeited. __Exam Retakes__ Exam candidates who fail on a first test attempt may sit for the very next scheduled exam at the reduced registration fee of $195. An additional $100 transfer fee is assessed if the very next scheduled exam date is not a possibility for the candidate. Exam candidates who fail a second attempt may retest at a reduced rate of $250; however, he or she must wait two years before reregistering and/or retesting. __Discounts__ Registration discounts are available to companies that wish to register six or more individuals at a time. __Refunds__ Refund requests are considered only before the CMTSE guide is provided and within three (3) days after registration is submitted: If a CMTSE Study Guide has not been provided, a $50 administrative processing fee applies If a CMTSE Study Guide has been provided, a $300 fee applies.

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