Benefits of a CMTSE Certification

The CMTSE certification offers key advantages to individuals, businesses, and customers alike.

Individual Benefits

- Attainment of an industry-recognized professional credential through a standardized national examination. - Demonstration of commitment to continuous professional development. - Career advancement opportunities afforded to those with advanced professional credentials. - Continuous recognition from AMT, the industry, and its media outlets. - Respect from customers and prospective end users. - Access to the CMTSE Marketing Kit, complete with press release samples, reproducible CMTSE logos, marketing ideas, and a personalized, ready-to-frame CMTSE certificate.

Company Benefits

- Enhance your company image. - Achieve more in less time and promote increased profit and gross margin. - Impartial, objective indicator of sales engineers' competence and professionalism. - Customers enjoy confidence in the value-added benefit of working with a CMTSE. - Strengthen builder-distributor relationships. - Reinforce a company's commitment to quality, competence, and professionalism.

Customer Benefits

- Assurance of CMTSE knowledge of business practices, current technology, and manufacturing economics. - CMTSEs are trusted business advisors. - Deliver solution-oriented engineering expertise in the latest manufacturing technology. - Demonstrate a personal commitment to customized solutions and professional excellence.

What Customers Are Saying

CMTSEs Share Their Opinions

CMTSE is more than just five letters on a business card. Since its inception almost 30 years ago, CMTSEs have regarded the program as an unparalleled opportunity to expand their technical sales knowledge, position themselves for greater professional development, enhance the status of their companies, and achieve national recognition for this accomplishment. *“Obtaining CMTSE certification is a must for every Sales Engineer who wants to see success."* Tom Nugen, Sales Manager, Technical Equipment Sales (CMTSE since 2015) *“In studying for the exam, I learned more than in my entire first year in the industry. I wish that I had taken it sooner.”* Scott Zavala, Sales Engineer, Haas Factory Outlet *“Our customers' knowledge and awareness is evolving at an incredible pace, and their needs and demands are for knowledge and consultative partnership as well. Continuing education opportunities in our field are few. The CMTSE is becoming one of the best."* Steve Meussling, Sales Engineer, GE Machine Tool Services *“If you have not thought about earning CMTSE or have been putting it off, I urge you to take that step...  You WILL BE better for it and others WILL SEE the additional value from you."* Tim Thiessen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Okuma America Corporation (CMTSE since 1997) *"Certification is validation that one is dealing with a credible source, which is what CMTSE certification means to me."* Ed Galzin, Regional Sales Manager, Taylor Hobson *“The CMTSE program helped me evaluate and identify my strengths and weaknesses for improvement... My hats off to anyone making the time and energy commitments to strengthen their skills and knowledge position that plays a vital role in our country’s manufacturing economic future.”* Bill Clinkenbeard, President, Fives Machining Systems, Inc. (CMTSE since 2001) *“The CMTSE program sets a standard of “excellence” for us and our peers. It takes dedication and study to become and stay a true professional.”* Nick Berilla, Sales Engineer, Hartwig, Inc. (CMTSE since 1998) *“CMTSE ………. It just means more!"* R. Stephen Flynn, President, Optical Gaging Products, a Division of Quality Vision International, Inc. (CMTSE since 1993)