MTConnect Education Modules

Learn about MTConnect and the first steps toward a smart factory.

Build confidence in digital manufacturing and shop floor IT with MTConnect Education Modules. These engaging, instructive, multimedia modules encompass 200 minutes of total learning about MTConnect – a free, XML-based communications standard that is the backbone of the connected shop floor. MTConnect Education Modules are suitable for both an academic and corporate learning environment.

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__Transformative Technology in Manufacturing__ An overview of the current technical landscape in manufacturing, such as digital manufacturing, digital thread, and monitoring. __An Overview of MTConnect__ A guideline to the basics of the MTConnect standard, including concepts like the diversity of standards in manufacturing, structured and unstructured data, and the building blocks of data collection. __A Free & Open Standard__ The components of the MTConnect Standard documents. __Getting Started Guide__ An examination of the workflow for implementing MTConnect. Students will also learn about available resources and software tools, the role of IT and OT, and some details about installation. __MTConnect Architecture__ An exploration of MTConnect architecture and major components used to implement the MTConnect standard. __MTConnect's Document Organization__ The organization of the Standard’s documents and versions, such as Part 1.0.

__The MTConnect Agent__ This module covers the MTConnect Agent, an integral component of the communication system. __A Deeper Look at the MTConnect Agent__ An examination of equipment metadata and types of information provided in Streaming Data. __Data Management and Messaging Patterns__ The types of data handled by the Data Management function and the Request/Response Messaging pattern. __Request/Response Messaging Communications__ A close look at the exchange of information between a client software application and an Agent. __Information Collection__ A study of data streaming, the Heartbeat Parameter, and the expected behavior of an MTConnect Agent.

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