Research Services

The data and intelligence you need. How you want it.

AMT Research Services leverage AMT industry expertise supplemented by primary and secondary data sources, as well as AMT's Additive Database. Services include complimentary Research Requests, available to AMT members, as well as advisory services and access to AMT's Emerging Tech Subscription Service.

Research Requests

The Research Request Service delivers data, analysis, and insight to address in-scope questions submitted by AMT members in good standing. Our Research team is here to help you. AMT members receive unlimited research requests addressed by the Research Services team in biweekly deliverables. Any company representative may submit a research request. __Use when__: You don’t know what question to ask; you don’t know what you don’t know; you don’t know where to start with research services at AMT; you want to improve your confidence in making a decision. __What to ask__: Interested in the latest economic, technology, or investment trends? Want to understand your market size and potential growth or generate lead lists? We're here to address a wide variety of research needs, from market trends, to product marketing strategies review, to import/export data, and more.

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Research Day

Research Days combine data and analysis to address a more nuanced or complex question than can be answered in a standard Research Request. A Research Day project is short term consulting engagement that address in-scope research questions with great detail, confidence, customization, and/or effort.


Emerging Technology Advisory Service

The Emerging Technology Advisory Service is an annual subscription to AMT’s Additive Database and to AMT Research support through regular Emerging Technology Research Requests. The Emerging Technology Advisory Service supports a minimum of three users with additional users available for an added fee. The Additive Database is a user-friendly database connecting company, product, process, material class, and other data types in an easy to browse or search tool.