AMT Advocacy

AMT champions the interests of the U.S. manufacturing technology industry in Washington, DC. We work with Congress and the Administration on issues important to our industry. We are committed to a legislative and policy agenda that makes U.S. manufacturing competitiveness a top priority for the federal government.

Your participation is critical to our success. AMT can help you get in touch with your elected officials on issues important to your company and your industry.


AMT supports a fair and level playing field for U.S.-based manufacturers in the global marketplace.

The U.S.-China trade relationship hit a boiling point with the Trump Administration in 2017 over China's continued unfair trade practices. The President decided to take retaliatory action by imposing Sec. 301 tariffs on certain product categories of Chinese imports. 

U.S.-China Trade Overview - Review of actions taken thus far on the 301 tariffs, May 22, 2019, The National Journal
USTR Announcement - On May 10, 2019, President Trump requested that the U.S. Trade Representative increase the rate of Sec. 301 tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent for the products of China covered by the September 2018 list. Federal Register


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AMT's Manufacturing Mandate 

Our Federal government must make manufacturing a national priority and work in partnership with industry, academia and other organizations to enact legislation and policies that accomplish three goals:
  1. Greater investment in R&D and innovation;
  2. Increased global competitiveness;
  3. A better educated and trained “Smartforce.”