AMT Advocacy

AMT champions the interests of the U.S. manufacturing technology industry in Washington, DC. We work with Congress and the Administration on issues important to our industry. We are committed to a legislative and policy agenda that makes U.S. manufacturing competitiveness a top priority for the federal government.

Your participation is critical to our success. AMT can help you get in touch with your elected officials on issues important to your company and your industry.


Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 - Summary of House-passed tax reform
Write Your Elected Officials
Sec. 179 Expensing Permanent/Bonus Depreciation through 2019 
Tips For Conducting A Successful Plant Tour

AMT's Manufacturing Mandate 

Our Federal government must make manufacturing a national priority and work in partnership with industry, academia and other organizations to enact legislation and policies that accomplish three goals:
  1. Greater investment in R&D and innovation;
  2. Increased global competitiveness;
  3. A better educated and trained “Smartforce.”