Additive Manufacturing
Happening Now
By Stephen LaMarcaDec 01, 2023

AMT Tech Report: Issue #287

WTH is going on with carbon steel? NASA's RC tank 'splines space shuttle tires. Metal AM's coming-of-age. The impact of closed-loop. Movie time! Amazon's robots.

6m read
By Kathy Keyes WebsterNov 14, 2023

From Star Gazing to Part Making: Building an Entrepreneur

In celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we’d like to introduce you to Melanie Lang—co-founder of a metal additive manufacturing company who went from stargazing to the manufacturing industry star with a lot of hard work and plenty of passion.

4m read
By Benjamin MosesNov 13, 2023

AMT Tech Trends: Who’s dead now? Additive? Cobots? Find out tonight at 11!

Episode 106: Elissa fills us in on NASA’s robo bees and upcoming travel. Ben says NASA’s testing 3D printed rocket nozzles made out of aluminium. Steve was recently quoted as a professional. Elissa closes with Amazon’s new robot workers.

42m read
By Mark Huber Nov 10, 2023

AM Investment Trends

Missed AMT’s MTForecast? Here’s some insight on the double-digit growth rate of additive manufacturing (AM) and surprising shifts from AMT Analyst Mark Huber.

5m read
By Benjamin MosesOct 30, 2023

AMT Tech Trends: Deciphered Texts, Sold Out 3D Printers, and Generative AI

Episode 105: The Tech Frends kicks things off with a discussion on design for maintenance! Steve also announces that robot tooling is en route to the testbed cobot. Elissa shares how AI is used to decipher ancient texts. Benjamin closes with generative AI.

30m read
By Benjamin MosesOct 16, 2023

AMT Tech Trends: Lubricity, Tigers, and Hearts... Oh My!

Episode 104: Steve kicks things off with a debriefing of MTForcast. Elissa shares about 3D-printed organs. Stephen gets excited over robot vision for QA/QC in the automotive industry. Benjamin closes with the latest innovations in metal manufacturing!

38m read
By Benjamin MosesOct 13, 2023

AMT Tech Report: Issue #281

Robots making robots. It's getting hot in here. Hey, chat. Write me a calibration procedure. Additive is going under water. You've got potential, kid.

6m read
By Benjamin MosesOct 06, 2023

AMT Tech Report: Issue #280

Did the NFL become safe? Metrology moves to outside the walls. Agh! There are robots in the computer. Let's get metaverse, metaverse. Who doesn't think trains are cute?

6m read
By Benjamin MosesOct 02, 2023

AMT Tech Trends: Lego My Robo

Episode 103: Steve starts with some corrections and clarifications from the previous episode, announces the testbed has a new cobot, and the LEGO is continuing their efforts for oil-free bricks.

31m read
By Stephen LaMarcaSep 29, 2023

AMT Tech Report: Issue #279

Finally! Industrial-grade Arduino. DOE raises $45 million with AM hand. How do AM shoes wear and tear? Low-emissions LEGOs, "Alexa, buy Anthropic."

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