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By Jan de NijsApr 01, 2021

Standards-Based Manufacturing Digital Thread and Twins.

When it comes to digital twins and digital threads, there is no widespread agreement what they are and how the can be expressed in terms of data artifacts. This presentation proposes a standards-based definitions...

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By AMTNov 30, 2020

Semantic Data in Digital Manufacturing

Semantic data models are an information systems technology that has been finding its way into the manufacturing world to address many of the issues, costs, and complexities associated with the configuration process. The models are used to enhance data...

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By Jonathan NguyenNov 13, 2020

Foreign Trade Report – August 2020

U.S. machine tool exports valued $118.41 million in August, up 25.8% from July’s total of $94.12 million. Exports for year-to-date 2020 totaled $917.75 million, a decrease of 28.0% when compared to the same period for 2019. Monthly machine tool imports...

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By Christopher DownsNov 09, 2020

Recap: Gloomy Forecasts With Pockets of Opportunity at MTForecast 2020

Last month, manufacturing executives from around the country attended the virtual MTForecast conference which brought together nationally recognized economists and industry analysts – as well as machine tool forecasts and industry outlooks for...

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By External ContributorSep 02, 2020

Making Sense of the Industrial Analytics Market

As organizations continue to see the value in industrial analytics, making sense of the sheer amount of data produced can be a difficult task. Finding the right product and developing a proper workflow is important to get long-term use out of the system...

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