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By Lauren DavidsonJan 16, 2023

Project MFG Holds Inaugural Additive Manufacturing Competition in Austin, Texas

The Travis High School Robotics Club won Project MFG's inaugural Additive Manufacturing Competition. Held in collaboration with the Austin Center for Manufacturing and Innovation, competitors created a grappling/end-effector for use in a lifesaving event.

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By Stephen LaMarcaJan 13, 2023

AMT Tech Report: Issue #242

Not yo mama’s manufacturing. Nothing runs like a Deere. Clemson to close the skills gap. Indiana 4.0. Robo-trust.

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By Catherine “Cat” RossJan 03, 2023

Nonprofit Connects People In Need With Skilled Manufacturing Work

A non-profit in San Francisco is helping put underserved people into life-changing manufacturing jobs manufacturing through training and social support. Learn more.

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By Kathy Keyes WebsterNov 15, 2022

Solve the Manufacturing Labor Shortage: Offer Vision to those In Underserved Communities

How do we reach underserved communities to give them the work that they crave and match them that with the manufacturing industry that needs the work?" Darnell Epps and Jacob Ruttenberg offer up ideas.

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By Catherine “Cat” RossNov 14, 2022

Mechatronics Competition at IMTS 2022 Shows off Manufacturing’s Exciting Future

An all-female team of mechatronics apprentices took first place in a live, cyber-physical learning environment at the IMTS 2022 Smartforce Student Summit.

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By Greg JonesOct 27, 2022

Promoting Awareness of Advanced Manufacturing Careers

The updated National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing's objectives include developing and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies, growing the advanced manufacturing workforce, and building resilience into the manufacturing supply chain.

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By Greg JonesOct 02, 2022

Workforce: Keeping Pace With a Changing Economy and Emerging Technologies

The need for smarter in-house training solutions is now more vitally important than ever to U.S. manufacturing companies.

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By Kathy Keyes WebsterSep 02, 2022

Get Manufacturing Market Insights at AMT’s MTForecast 2022

The MTForecast conference in October is a unique opportunity for manufacturing technology companies to gather information that will inform their business strategies: customer industry insights, economic forecasting, and deep dives into market data.

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By Kathy Keyes WebsterAug 01, 2022

New Program in KY Brings 3D Printing Skills to People in Need

Fueled by a vision to make 3D technology accessible to everyone, Somerset Community College is providing free training and additive manufacturing equipment to underserved populations in Kentucky.

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By Kathy Keyes WebsterJun 10, 2022

Facts Over Fear: 3 Economic Realities

Don’t panic – plan. Get the economic facts you need to strategize for the future without all the anxiety and exasperation. Turn to the experts at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology.

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