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AMT Tech Report: Issue #211

Grazie regazzi, grazie mille! The capabilities of quantum computing. OE Toyota racecar parts made on a stratasys. A great cause. How to reverse engineer and manufacture the discontinued/unsupported.
Jun 10, 2022

A week in the laboratory can save you an hour in the library.

– Frank Westheimer

1. Grazie Regazzi, Grazie Mille!

Well look who else is turning to additive at F1, the world’s highest level of motorsport? It’s none other than the shield, the stable of prancing horses: Scuderia Ferrari! 🤌 The best part is, Team Red’s (or Rosso) not using additive to do something fancy, exotic, or breakthrough in a way nobody’s thought of before. No, they’re using additive the way almost everybody using a 3D printer the first time does: They made a bracket to hold something! That’s it.

Read more here.

2. The Capabilities of Quantum Computing

This is a great interview for several reasons. First, I love NIST. In the first year or so of my manufacturing career, I had the pleasure of visiting the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland, so many times that they told me I couldn’t come back again that year unless I obtained a security clearance or something along those lines. Secondly, since I was fresh out of college with a degree in physics, everything they had going on left me with a huge grin every time, all the time. You can’t talk about quantum computing without talking about quantum physics either, so this interview is a real treat – especially when somebody can explain such a complex topic so simply. Third: This article talked me off a ledge. I was convinced digital privacy as we knew it would be kaput with quantum computing, so reading that that’s not necessarily the case was a breath of fresh air that calmed my nerves. I wouldn’t let your significant other rummage through your phone just yet, though; we’ve got a ways to go. 

Read more here.

3. OE Toyota Racecar Parts Made on a Stratasys

Full disclosure: I’m biased because I drive a first-generation (and pre-face-lift) Toyota 86, so naturally I think this is cooler than it probably is. Anyway, I find this particularly fascinating because Toyota has announced that the new version of their mass(-ish) production factory race car (because yes, anybody can buy it, but no, it’s not street legal – you need to take it to the track) has “custom” 3D-printed bodywork provided by Stratasys. I can only speculate as to why … but speculation is my bread and butter, baby! As with most racing vehicles, critical components like suspension, gearing, and downforce need to be adjustable to a driver’s driving style and, more importantly, track specifics. Toyota could be teaming up with Stratasys to do something not really seen with more affordable racing series cars: tailored bodywork. Why? IDK. Cooling? Downforce? Dimensional parameters and regulations? Some mix of all of the above, I’m sure. What I do know is: I want one.

Read more here.

4. A Great Cause

From Catherine Ross, AMT’s Director of Education, Smartforce: “Workshops for Warriors provides free machinist and welder training to veterans and transitioning service members, made possible by a variety of funding streams including localized fundraisers such as the Workshops for Warriors Honor Wall. All donations over $100 will secure a permanent plaque for a veteran or active service honoree of your choice.”

Read more here.

5. How to Reverse Engineer and Manufacture the Discontinued/Unsupported

We know it can be done. We’ve heard it a gazillion times. I haven’t SEEN it done, however (at least not with significant documentation), until now. This guy, Ronald, laid everything out that you need to know – at least in his case – to make a fuel tank frame mount for the ‘80s-era Kawasaki Ninja 1000 that he’s restoring. Good thing Kawasaki is cool with it, unlike somebody else we know (cough, cough, Honda)! (cough)

Watch the video here.

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