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AMT Tech Report: Issue #240

Ultra-premium, bougie digital twin. Michigan incentivizes industry 4.0 embrace. Metal health. "Go hug a driver or hug a worker in a distribution center."
Dec 30, 2022

Technology is best when it brings people together.

– Matt Mullenweg, social media entrepreneur

1. Ultra-Premium, Bougie Digital Twin

The America's Cup team from Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli is using Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of software and services to design, simulate, and optimize its racing yacht for the 2024 challenge. The software will be used to analyze the hull, foils, rudder, and sails as part of a digital twin, and Simcenter STAR CCM+ and Simcenter Amesim software will be used to simulate the boat's hydraulics and optimize performance. Siemens believes their software will be a key factor in helping the team achieve success in the race.

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2. Michigan Incentivizes Industry 4.0 Embrace

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. is providing a total of $559,005 to 24 small manufacturers in Michigan to help them adopt Industry 4.0 technologies. L’anse Manufacturing & Technology Inc. is receiving $25,000 from this grant program and applications are still being accepted until all funds are allocated.

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3. Metal Health

A survey conducted by StrongArm Technologies and YouGov in August sought to understand the mental health of industrial workers in the manufacturing, warehousing, construction, and transportation industries. The survey found that nearly half of the workers felt stressed in their current job, and almost a quarter of warehouse and transportation workers said their work had a negative effect on their mental health. Additionally, 32% of warehouse and transportation workers said they were too tired to engage with friends and family, and 24% said they missed out on important life events due to their work hours. Finally, 19% of respondents said their employer was resistant to helping employees with work-life balance. StrongArm CEO Sean Petterson remarked that now is the time for companies to provide better support for industrial workers.

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4. "Go Hug a Driver or Hug a Worker in a Distribution Center."

The supply chain has not been fixed since the pandemic began, and many of the same problems that caused delays and shortages remain. These include truck driver shortages, packaging problems, energy crises, low water levels, and expensive shipping costs. Experts agree that the supply chain has been strengthened in some ways since the pandemic started, such as through the use of technology and automation. However, the infrastructure is still struggling, and consumers are still seeing high inflation rates. Ultimately, the supply chain is still vulnerable to disruption and consumers should take advantage of discounts before prices go back up.

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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