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AMT Tech Report: Issue #246

Black heroes in manufacturing. Metrology and automation go hand in hand. Threats to automation. Communication helps the supply chain suck less. Are AMRs ready for CNC shops?
Feb 10, 2023

“Design is intelligence made invisible.”

– Alina Wheeler

1. Black Heroes in Manufacturing

Happy Black History Month! I often look to the past to help drive the future. This includes learning about technologies that – once the right enabler encountered it – transformed society, and the people who helped advance the manufacturing industry. This article celebrates several Black visionaries and their contributions to STEM – and the modern world.

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2. Metrology and Automation Go Hand in Hand

Everyone wants a faster cycle time, and automating metrology can improve your output in several layers, including faster turnaround times, improved accuracy and repeatability, reduced costs, and improved safety. No wonder it’s becoming increasingly important as manufacturers strive to meet the ever-increasing demands of the global market.

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3. Threats to Automation

As the adoption of automation continues to grow, security for connected systems becomes more of a concern. There are five main security threats to robots: physical manipulation, data interception, malicious software, hardware manipulation, and denial of service attacks.

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4. Communication Helps the Supply Chain Suck Less

The supply chain will be a hot mess for a few more years. Manufacturers can implement a few changes to create a better environment, such as developing a clear strategy, utilizing flexible resources, monitoring performance with data and analytics, taking advantage of automation, making sure to remain agile, understanding customer needs, and exploring new opportunities.

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5. Are AMRs Ready for CNC Shops?

Yes. Mobile robots can be used in CNC machining operations such as material handling and tool changing to improve efficiency and safety. This article also discusses other benefits, including improved accuracy, increased throughput, and higher levels of safety. It’s not a true slam dunk, as there are challenges in cost and environment, but it’s definitely worth exploring.

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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