Robotics and Automation
Happening Now
By Tim ShinbaraMay 11, 2022

Year of the Cobot: Cobots Make Automating Easier Than Ever

Collaborative robots (cobots) aren’t superheroes, but they are rescuing manufacturers of all sizes from the grip of a crippling labor shortage. Their ease of use and flexibility to take on many tasks are increasing their popularity.

5m read
By Dave MortonMay 06, 2022

SMMs Must Embrace Smart Manufacturing to Survive

Smart Manufacturing Experience focuses on the challenges facing SMMs. The event is intended to help SMMs leverage the power of smart technologies to improve their bottom lines and advance manufacturing operations in real time.

4m read
By Kristin BartschiMay 05, 2022

AMT and SVR Join Forces for the Advancement of Robotics, Transformative Technology

We’ve seen an exponential growth in investments into robotics companies formed in the last 10 years, and every indicator suggests that this is just the start. There’s a growing demand for robotics and automation in the United States.

5m read
By Benjamin MosesApr 29, 2022

AMT Tech Trends: LCQP

Ben and Steve get amped for MFG! They discuss Amazon’s BIG investment in automation innovation, a new military rifle, DOD 3D printing the largest structures, Honda coming for 3D design repositories, the blockchain revolutionizing copyright laws, and more.

27m read
By Benjamin MosesApr 11, 2022

AMT Tech Trends: Nice Tech

Ben got to go to Oak Ridge National Labs and Steve didn’t. Stephen hasn’t bought a new Pocket NC because the credit card’s maxed out. Benjamin is impressed by GE’s specialty composites and performance-efficient jet engines.

31m read
By Peter R. EelmanApr 04, 2022

Digital Manufacturing. Implemented.

IMTS 2022 is coming to Chicago Sept. 12-17. Get a sneak peek at the digital manufacturing practices and products designed to address the industry’s most pressing needs.

5m read
By Gary VasilashApr 02, 2022

Advancing Technology: The Digital and the Physical

The transition to smarter and more flexible manufacturing is an ongoing effort by these leading automotive suppliers.

10m read
By Stephen LaMarcaMar 25, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #200

Ford’s advanced manufacturing AMR. Manufacturing technology used in surgery. Benefits of shot peening metal AM parts. The politest cobot ever. Haas F1: a comeback kid?

5m read
By Benjamin MosesMar 18, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #199

Return on investment in connected factories. Rinse and repeat for material design? The intersection of technology, art, and amazing leaders. Cybersecurity goes in all directions. Edge computing.

5m read
By Stephen LaMarcaMar 11, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #198

Engineers build bridges, Geckos fix them. Entanglement-free quantum metrology. Not the “CNC” you were expecting. Bioprinting is trending right now. Machine maintenance controversy.

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